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  1. Acer Aspire v3 771-6621 Intel HD 3000 Tutorial

    hello papapump -> first, thx 4 sharing youre files! such infos are worth a lot… I also wanted to buy a new laptop, i already got an hackintosh (asus m50vm) working quite nice. - does the Nvidia GT 650M work? (the newest macbookpros are shipped with it) - do you have an SSD-Drive in youre Acer and does it work in osx? thx 4 the help!
  2. Getting Snow Leopard to recognize your CPU

    Hello Im a bit curios about this problem: I have Snow Leopard installed. and currently the PC-EFI bootloader. My CPU has been detected right away without any patching and sutch (intel 2 core duo) but the CPU speed is wrong (2.46 -> should be 2.53) Did a Benchmark with cinebench and with SL i get 5080 multicpu-points in Leopard(iAtkos) i get 5550 (In leopard the CPU was reconized right out of the box) Get the same results in x86_64 and i386 I tried already following: - Installed diffrent bootloaders (PC-EFI 10.5, Chameleon RC4, Patched Chameleon) - Edited the smbios.plist (just overrides tech infos, cpu is not faster) - Tried the CPU-Inject.kext - Made a dtsd with the dsdt-patcher-gui (didnt edited myself, cause i dont know how at the moment) Has anybody a clue what could help (createing manually a dsdt? wait for a new bootloader?) Thx SPECS: Intel 2 Core Duo T9400