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  1. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Up pour ceux que ca intéresse
  2. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Hello, sorry, déjà vendu. Oui, c’est genial quand tu dois bidouiller pour le monter; et re-bidouiller pour installer OSX! C’est un beau challenge
  3. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Bon, hé bien j'ai remplacé mon Wireless Keyboard par un filaire. Celui avec le pavé numérique. C'est pas plus mal...
  4. Thanks again gaerout. I've found a way to solve my problem with my GraphicCard. I'll post solution when it will be done. (GFX Strings).
  5. UPDATE: It works with VoodooHDA 0.2.2 & HDAenabler & VoodooHDA.prefPane. ONLY when I use the gaerout's method: Power off the computer while being in OS X (remove power cable, not a regular shutdown). Then, at the next boot, it works... Very strange! Any solution to this? And now... lets debug my other major problem: my Sapphire HD4890. A question: how to recognize when QE/CI is enabled? Thank you!
  6. Yes gaerout, can you please email me 0.2.1 and 2.2. Thank you in advance. What do you mean by "when I boot into my Windows 7 drive and then boot into Snow Leopard" ? You don't use a dual boot? I have 2 drives, one with Win 7, and one with OS X. I just have to choose at the startup which OS i want to launch. (With PC EFI; Apple Logo or Windows Logo + other NTFS and HFS+ partitions). I'm not able to launch Windows 7 then, load OS X. A restart (power off/on) is needed. (I think.. maybe i'm wrong).
  7. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Je n'ai pas encore trouvé de solution, hélas. Pour l'instant, je suis obligé de plugger un clavier USB (qui se trouve dans un tirroir du bureau; j'ouvre le tirroir au boot lol). Bàt,
  8. Hello Gaerout, I wonder if I'm using the right VoodooHDA. Which version do you use? To install it, is this procedure correct: Drag and drop kext into "KextHelper B7" and hit run. Then, repair permission of "Extensions" folder by dragging it into KextUtility. Thank you, PS: My bootloader is Chameleon RC 10.5 (I hope that you talking about that)
  9. Hello @, I've installed SL 6.2 on my ASUS GENE III. I can reach the desktop without any problem. My BIG Problem is that i'm not able to make the sound card working (build in sound card - Creative SupremeFX X-Fi). Neither my Sapphire HD4890. I've tried a couple of differents kext; lots of crash, lots of reboot. No solution. I'm desesparate to make it working one day Really.. At the moment, I've installed VoodooHDA for the sound. What is strange is that the speaker in the task bar is ON (Black) and I can set the volume; but no sound from my speakers... I don't understand... I've tried VoodooHDA, Taruga V3 & V4, AZALIA drivers,... The other major problem is my Sapphire HD4890... I've tryed also lots of solution as ATI.ROM (from the .bin of my own one), update boot, try different kext from Exotic package. Everything crash... everytime I have to reboot with "-x" and remove kext which make my computer crashing... Thank you if you can help me... Any advice is very very welcome. Sorry for my poor english. Regards, Rem "Carlito"
  10. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Oui, les alims sont assez longues pour arriver jusqu'aux DD. Alimentation ANTEC.
  11. Bonjour, Je recherche une personne qui serait apte à m'aider pour l'installation d'un SnowLeo sur x86. L'OS est déjà installé et est fonctionnel. (sur P55). Je n'arrive pas à installer correctement mes périf. CG, Sound, Wifi, QE/CI, etc. Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre aide. Bàv,
  12. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Un petit Up N'héstiez pas si vous avez des questions.
  13. Nouveau Mod Power Mac G5

    Yoopi, je t'invite à aller voir la: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=202258
  14. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Merci à toi, c'est encourageant.
  15. PowerMac G5 Mod ... Let's Go!

    Mon Cinema Display est pour le MBP... J'ai pris un Iiyama 2409HD pour le Mod. J'ai édité ma signature pour te faire plaisir Non, j'ai utilisé des petites "tutes" en plastique pour fixer la grille. L'alim, quant à elle, elle est simplement posée (et fixée a l'aide d'un adhésif double-face ultra-strong).