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  1. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=338516&content_commentid=2695569 Some progress: Avoid High set to yes and booting into recovery.
  2. @Cyberdevs Adding it to opencore kext directory is also working.
  3. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

  4. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, I am trying to boot recovery partition but getting this error where it stops going further. I am able to boot Catalina 10.15.1 just fine. 46:389 00:048 OCB: Matched default boot option: Awesome Drive 46:437 00:048 OCB: Initial default is 3 50:996 04:558 OCB: Should boot from Recovery 10.15.1 (T:2|F:1) 55:461 04:464 OCRAM: Extent allocation of 498540537 bytes (A) gave 100000000 (avoid high 0) Any help?
  5. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Is your CPU ssdt okay?
  6. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Not sure what works for me will work for you. Share your config and hardware info.
  7. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Success, yeah
  8. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Not able to boot till yet. Any help?
  9. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks! Tried that but got the same result.
  10. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Anyone Please.
  11. NavHac

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, trying to move my old build from clover to opencore. But opencore just freeze "Prelinked status - Success" nothing happened after that, the Same machine is booting Catalina just fine with clover. Attached screenshot of last error, my config.plist, last opencore boot log and EFI directory. Need help in diagnosing what I am doing wrong. config.plist EFI.zip opencore-2019-10-21-074411.txt
  12. Add it to your clover/kext/other/ directory, My WDN4800 worked without any issue. IO80211Family.kext.zip
  13. NavHac

    ATHR: unknown locale: 21

    For new Atheros kext in High Sierra above patch is no loner working. Just spent my day why? After dissembling kext binary file I found that new plugin now using EAX register instead of EBX. So new HEX byte for clover patch are: FIND: 83F837 Replace: 83F821 Regards
  14. Successfully upgrade to High sierra all efi drivers are included in bios. Kext in clover: FakeSMC, AppleALC, RealtekRTL8111 DSDT Patched
  15. I too running Sierra perfectly on this board.