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  1. I used to say OS "X" but then after I got a Mac for myself I somehow started saying OS "10" I now find it odd when other people refer to it as OS "X"
  2. B292 Tom

    Greatest Mac in History

    I'd have to say it was the iPod. I can safely say that most people's first Apple product has been an iPod. Once they get an iPod they've taken their first step into a larger world. After than it's not long until they might end up buying a Mac. I know that's how it went for me.
  3. B292 Tom

    The first Mac you ever used.

    A Macintosh 128K Way back in first grade elementary school probably around 1997 or 98. It was also the first computer I ever used. I remember having fun playing some sort of Maze game and a click by click adventure game where you had to get a castle or something. That was before I even knew about the difference or even the existence of a Windows computer and a Mac.
  4. B292 Tom

    Most addictive Mac games

    Starcraft Brood War without a doubt. Probably still the best Real Time Strategy Game ever made. I'm hoping Starcraft II will be even better.