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  1. 10.6.4 working fine!!! I´d to reinstall Dorean's driver for wifi. Same with audio. Deviato's ones didn't work for me. Hope it helps. Regards. Mipf06
  2. Good news!!!! I hope they can get it soon. Regards, Mipf06
  3. I updated to 10.6.3. Installed again wireless. No need to reinstall audio. Reboot and... wrong graphics, so I reinstall Dorean's , repair permissions and reboot. Everything looks fine except I have neither mouse nor trackpad. Only could move along the dock!!!. I reinstalled Voodoo PS2 controller (it wasn't easy) and reboot. No way. I still have no mouse or trackpad. Any ideas????? What can I do??? Help will be really appreciated!! Regards, Mipf06 Ok. I used Macdrive 8 and put away the GMA 4500 native resolution. I don't know why it caused that mouse and trackpad didn't work but when I did I recovered them. I should have known that if Deviato only posted wifi and audio, there was some kind of problem with graphics. My fault. Everything is working great but I have only 1024 x 768. No sleep problem.
  4. I could update SL to 10.6.3. I had no sleepenabler or fake so I have no need to unistall anything. I just made a pendrive with netbookinstaller 0.8.4 (Merklot's new one) and run SL update and Tea's patch. Reboot but I did that from my usb, opened disk utility and direct to netbookinstaller option. When finish, restarted and everything was there . Only reinstalled audio. Hope it helps. Regard. Mipf06
  5. I'd read it. I hope somebody can make it work. I could update to 10.6.3 but no modification about wifi. Bad luck!!!. Meantime, I'm using an usb adapter. Regards. Mipf06
  6. Update 10.6.3

    Actualizado correctamente samsung n140. Instalè SL retail con netbookinstaller 0.8.3. Instalè combo update. No tenìa instalado ni sleepenabler ni fake. Actualicè a Netbookinstaller 0.8.4 (Merklot). Lo ùnico que reinstalè es el audio. Espero les sirva. Mipf06 PD: ahora intento con la Dell. Saludos
  7. If you use Windows 7, try Easy BCD or Acronis. Both let you choose which OS to boot in. Also, I don't remember if both or just one of them, have a timer. Hope it helps. Regards. Mipf06
  8. Update 10.6.3

    Me pasa lo mismo!!! . Alguien se animó???
  9. Hi guys! Have you updated to 10.6.3???? I read that Apple has today released version 10.6.3 of Mac OS X.
  10. Sysyphus, one question. Should I delete old fakesmc.kext and sleepenabler, update SL to 10.6.2 and BEFORE restart, install the new one with Teateam's patch??? Is that correct??? Thanks!!! Mipf06
  11. Thank you so much for your response . I'll give it a try then post results. Regards. Mipf06
  12. Same situation here!! I've a Samsung N140 with atheros ar9285. Please, help!!!.
  13. Does it work on Samsung n140??? I have 10.6 on it. Can I update to 10.6.2???. Thanks!!!! Mipf06 PD: I installed SL via NetbookInstaller.
  14. Hi,Good Old Neon, YES you must make the addition on W7 via Easy BCD. I don´t make the installation as you did. I just erased the disk via disk utility as guid, 2 partitions and then installed SL in one of them. Then installed wifi, updated, restarted, reinstalled wifi, PS2, bluetooth, video and Empire Efi. Restarted. Then erased one partition (not SL, of course) as fat and put in W7 dvd. restarted via DVD and installed W7 inthe partition that i had erased before.I updated W7, installed a few things i needed and Easy BCD. That´s all. Everything is working!!!. PD: I've the same dell. Here you have Easy BCD. Only install it on W7. Good Luck! Mipf06 I forgot, ALWAYS repair permissions!!!. Regards. Mipf06 EasyBCD_1.7.2.exe
  15. I tried several times with chamaleon but I only could boot from the SL DVD. So I installed Empire Efi and voila!!! I saw my SL. For installing W7, erased one partition in SL (using disk utility) as fat, then restart with W7 and format that partition as NTSC. Then follow the instruction. You should have no problem with that. Once in W7 installed Easy BCD, repair HFS, and add Mac boot. When you restart you'll have the option to do it on W7 or SL. Hope it helps. Regards. Mipf06