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  1. the most recent one from the update window. guys what if I do the Go back in time feature in Windows, will it make me go back on the whole hardrive? or is there a feature in Terminal that can refix it? or the Boot record or something!!
  2. what do you do if it just restarts you now every time you try to go into MAC OSX?
  3. Alas, it worked, I am at home with my working Windows XP. I did exactly as you said, did Mac Startup fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 and I restarted right back to windows. As I expected, it over overwrited OSelector so it is now not active...do you feel it is worth trying to activate it again? or do you feel it is probably so corrupt its not worth trying again. P.S. just to make sure, Uninstalling OSelector won't screw up my partitions in anyway will it?
  4. Alright, I appreciate your patience with my ignorance, I will return home and hope this works. Thanks
  5. yea, Acronis is on Windows which would be the first partition. (so once I finally fix the MBR, will I still be able to go into mac like normal or will I have to reinstall Acronis OS Selector to be able to go into my MAC OS system? Yea I dont have two hardrives, only one 200GB with 3 partitions. Windows, Mac, and SHared
  6. I do still have to Jas 10.4 MAC OSX install disk, how do I get to that part? Do I have to install the OS again, because the farthest you can go without installing it is to the volume part of the Mac Installation part (where you select which volume you want the OS to go on. If I have to install to OS Xs on my one Partitioned hardrive, how would I go about deleting the seond one. thanks oh BTW for code fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 would I then do rdisk1 after I do 0 (which I beleive my win XP is on 0 and OSx is on 1, shared on 2)
  7. Just read that I have to fix my MBR (Master boot Record) but the problem is, I can't get into my computer to burn the ISO Unitility disc that Acronis Provides.
  8. For some reason whenever I restart, my comp Acronis Loader is always looking for a Configuration disk I have never had this problem before. I have been able to seemlessly go back and forth between XP and OS X (Jas 10.4) on 3.0 Pent IV HT. It all happened when I clicked on Os Selector (in Windows) to hit mac, and it would always ask to restart my computer, I would do it so it could switch without haveing me to tell it to switch to mac. Now i am just stuck on the Bios Screen asking "Starting Acronis Loader, Please load a Configuration disk then press enter" I have not been able to workaround this, I have only gotten into to Setup BIos Screen but didn't help. I need immediate help because I am in a library and only have a limited time.
  9. thanks so much its working and I got it installed.
  10. I am currently burning at 1x the Jas ISO on CloneDVD (was only one on Demonoid) and I pray this works.
  11. BTW 200GB SATA 7200 RPM HD Gateway 505GR Intel 915G Intel pentium 4 processor 530 HT
  12. Im thinking maybe there was an error when I burn't the DVD on Nero Rom. but if anyone has a better Idea I would love to hear it. Thanls