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    can't connect to some specific sites

    i dont think my ISP blocked me, cause i can access those site from my windows xp. i will try to clear cache see if it works p.s: i get it works now, thanks for you guys help =) uninstall the prog helps, for any of you guys have trouble when try to uninstall there's uninstall script in pg2 folder, open terminal and type sh <drag the script in> (i guessed, but it works, lol)
  2. xvlrus

    can't connect to some specific sites

    @xXGogetaXx: for chat i use, adium, works fine.. @sadiekiller : i use peer guardian, but it's not on, furthermore when i tried to kill all the process relate to peer guardian, the problem still exist.
  3. there're some sites that i can't connect to eg. youtube.com, mozilla.org... while i can access the other normally eg. google.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com.... im using a router, built-in ethernet adapter and osx86 10.4.8. (this has been an issue since 10.4.6) i have search everywhere, yet cant find anything. anyone know how to fix this?