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  1. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    OEM? What OEM media are you talking about? There are no OEM Windows XP discs for Mac.... The thought just makes my brain explode, so I assume you are talking about OS X. I have used both store bought Snow Leopard and the gray OEM OS X discs, they are relatively the same, except for the fact that the OEM comes with 10.6.1 already patched and the full media requires an update.
  2. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    Yup there is clearly something wrong, I returned the machine and got a new one and they seem to happen less often if not at all anymore. Unfortunately when I talked to Apple, I was on direct support with one of the higher ups, he even gave me his direct number and we talked for weeks, He told me that the problem is an isolated incident because the machines they have don't have this problem. They don't see bootcamp as a major issue.
  3. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    So I have a Mac Mini dual boot lab. 20 first gen intel macmini's. The CRTs on these guys are going so we decided to clean up the lab and replace them all with iMac's. We bought one of the newest iMac's 21.5 inch and I started from scratch to create a new image for these machines. We haven't bought the other 19 yet. Anyway, something is very wrong with the boot process for windows xp. The mac side always boots fine. However the windows side takes a couple of reboots to actually work. The process as I understand how booting to windows works (correct me if i'm wrong) POST > EFI > BIOS > MBR >WINDOWS . It takes approx 3 reboots for me to get into the windows side. First reboot, when holding down option, Mac and Windows shows up, I click on windows and it freezes the screen right there, still showing Mac and Windows, and It's unresponsive. Seems like a problem emulating the BIOS or something. Second time, It gets past this screen and hangs and says "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart". CTRL + ALT + DEL does not work. Force shutdown. Seems like a problem with the MBR finding windows boot files. And the third reboot is fine. If this were my machine i would be fine, but to educate everybody that uses my lab to do this is insanity. I also tried BootPicker and refit. Bootpicker is useless, it just shows me a grey screen when I click on windows every time. And refit goes through the same process when I hold option, however, it does give me some more information on the first hang: Error: Not found return from legacy loader; Error: not found from locatedevicepath; [repeated 10 times........] Error: not found from locatedevicepath; Error: load error while (re)opening our installation volume; I've done several reinstalls using different xp installation disks (professional site licence vs home) and mac retail vs the packaged imac one. I've been on many phone calls with apple and i have a case number with them. Apple finds it strange that I cannot hold down D during the boot and go into diagnostic mode. Microsoft after going through 3 levels of support basically hung up and told me i needed a new BIOS. I always use the bootcamp assistant, and even that has trouble booting the install disc for the first time. I've done many clean installs and touched nothing but bootcamp and its drivers. I even zero out the drive before i even make a single partition. It seems that something little by little is getting fixed and then it breaks. Any thoughts?