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    I hate germans... No offense though! Not sure if you're allowed to post links to other websites...
  2. If I buy this, can I run all OSX software with Rosetta? The CPU is SSE3?? Thanks, SeBsZ P.S. I like that case! :>
  3. SeBsZ

    Dell "Dev Kit" Special!

    So if I buy this PC I can use Mac Os X 86 with Rosetta and run all available mac applications (PPC and X86) with Quartz Accelerated stuff and have sound as well as internet access? Just like to have a confirmation on that, if I decide to buy it. SeBsZ
  4. But my widescreen can't support 1280x1024... :S
  5. I have the exact same problem. When I type ?video I see a list of resolutions and my laptop's native resolution is NOT in the list (1280x800x32). I only find 1024x768 and then comes 1280x1024... how can that be? SeBsZ
  6. Hello there, I am sure someone has asked this before but I searched the forums for "resolution" and just couldn't find anything... I have a laptop with an ATI mobility radeon 9600 w/ 128MB graphics card. I am trying to get osX to run at my widescreen resolution of 1280x768. Inside OSx I can only choose 1024x768 from the list. I tried running OSx with the boot option: "Graphics Mode"="1280x800" but it will still run at 1024x768. I also tried "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" and "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32@85" but none actually change the resolution. Help is very much appreciated. THank you!