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  1. Loud fan on Compaq v2610CA (v2000 series)

    I was thinking the same thing(x200), maybe the os trying to dim out the screen. Maybe once the ati x200 is sorted will get our power issues as a bonus. I also believe the audio muting by it self once in a while is also related in some way to video as well, the audio will play without mute indefinitly if I do not use the laptop while iTunes is playing. I guess you got your wireless working as I do, searched around a bit but no luck on spoofing my mac. Have you tried changing your mac? if so please let me know. I'm sorry to go off topic, but I think these threads should be laptop/hardware specific so we can discuss whats working and not and help each other out.
  2. Loud fan on Compaq v2610CA (v2000 series)

    Same here, anychance you are able to switch power sources without freezing? I'm on 10.4.8 on v2000 by the way.
  3. ATI x200 Display w/ 10.4.8 Kernel

    I second that!!, this problem and having to reboot when switching power sources is the only thing that keeps a WinXP partition on my v2000. Upgraded to 10.4.8 (8L2127), Darwin 8.4.1 and still no QE/CI. Anyone?
  4. Ok, I thought this maybe a v2000 problem, so most laps are having a problem changing power source and locking up? We have to figure this one out, my battery life suks!!! Fireshark, yes insomnia is a work around so you can close your lid and not lock up, but does not stop locking up the os when you unplug or plug your ac adaptor in. Have you got a fix? By the way, I read some people where having problems with Safari crashing, I had this problem after my install, always seemed to happen while scolling a page. My fix was I realize it was always a page with flash banners, so I updated flash voilla solid as a rock now. Limbohz, please add this to the list for v2000 if your can confirm. Might just be a 10.4.4 bug.
  5. Anyone figure out why the v2000 locks up when going from battery to ac power or vice versa? Running 10.4.4 with the powermanagement fix. I think it might be related to the display trying to dim the backlight. I'm also using insomnia buy the way, its a good work around so you can at least close your lid without locking up.