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  1. Para Vorheim, With the disk utility you should be able to make a DMG file of the entire hard drive for recovery. You might also be able (after you make a backup) to use disk utility for reformat just the NTFS section that has your Win 7 install on it. I would have a USB key version of OSX 10.6 with P6T SE Essentials ready though in case something goes wrong. Booting from it you should be able to restore your DMG file without a ton of setup. Now, here's challenging part...you'll need another drive to send the DMG to. So don't know if you have that option or not. Never done Time Machine (was told by people that it isn't the most trustworthy of backup options). Other ideas from folks?
  2. Anybody try installing the latest security update for 10.6.3? I guess that would be 2010-3 (looks to be 6.3mb)? Just curious if it poaches anything in the system. MY System Details: CyberpowerPC Core i7 920 2.66 GHZ 8M L3 Cache LGA 1366 6GB DDR3 (2GBx3) 1600mhz Corsair Triple Channel Asus P6T Motherboard w/ ALC1200 On-board Audio Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 1GB 16x PCI Express (EVGA) Chameleon Boot Loader EFI Parition Using Kext Helper b7 and gfxutil for sound and video setups respectively. Drive 1(WD, 500GB): Mac OS 10.6.3 (with ASUS P6T SE Essentials and USBkey Method) Drive 2 (Hitachi, 500GB) Win7 Pro 64 bit (stock, of course) Drive 3 (Hitachi, 500GB) Raw Storage Video, Sound, and NTFS Drive Read and Write (via NTFS-3g, MacFuse) all Work! "Create DMG files for recovery before running any OSX system update...give yourself and undo..."