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  1. Clevo P17sm - DSDT maciasl only 1 error left

    Hello thnx, I'll try the clover extract as well and see.
  2. Clevo P17sm - DSDT maciasl only 1 error left

    Hello again artur Ii have a feeling, or rather i should say observation. The extracted dsdt by either dsdt editor or aida64 give me the same result as in number of errors meanwhile maciASL gives a different result. The former 2 give me 201 errors while maciASL gives me only two. So is this maybe a mistake or does maciASL fixes errors automatically? The attached file is the dsdt.dsl from dsdt_editor if u can help with it. If u have the time or a quick solution. Srry for being persistent about the dsdt, its just im interested in trying it. BTW I used the original extracted dsdt.bin from aida64, changed the extension from .bin to .aml cuz if im not mistaken that is ok, without error fixing or compilation and put it in clover and the hackintosh booted just fine https://www.dropbox.com/s/ut0qd4r3o5sx5hy/dsdt.dsl?dl=0
  3. Clevo P17sm - DSDT maciasl only 1 error left

    Thnx falanx and artur. Artur I have 6 ssdts i extracted using aida64 for windows. Do i have to work with them i.e. any editing process or just put them into clover folder with dsdt. And also I have two places to drop the dsdt, /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched -- or -- /EFI/CLOVER/OEM/SystemProductName/ACPI/patched cheerz
  4. Hello everyone I managed to finish installing mavericks 10.9.4 (olarila). I did the following in that order: 1. Backup all kexts into kext_backup in usb to reach dekstop, and finish installation with no trouble. 2. Backup all kexts into kext_backup in OS x partition via -s user mode. 3. Logged into desktop via usb and installed Clover latest version (legacy mode although i have uefi aptio bios becuz i have Win7 on other partition i.e. safe course) plus clover configurator latest. 4. Patched kernel as per rehab-man; xpcm patched 5. Fixed the boot0af error. 6. Reached desktop via installed clover with zero trouble. Installed fakesmc nullcpupowermanagement. Selected Retina 11,2 smbios. installed ps2voodoo -- mousepad keyboard ok. Reboot no problems. 7. Installed AppleIntelFramebuffer* AppleIntelHD* via kext-utility to S/L/E. Clover config -->marked inject intel,injected ig-platform-id (0A260006 and/or 0A260005), these both work for my intel hd4600 (0416) although top menu items color is a bit blury. System report -- Graphics display -- vram 1536, hd videos, tried chess, pressed f12 everything works smoothly so i assume QE/CI works. 8. Downloaded and used audio_CloverALC-master from toleda repo, and used audio_cloverALC-90_v2.0.command for my ALC892. Audio working. 9. Left pc to sleep/hibernate, and was unable to wakeup, continuous reboot. 10. Removed NullCPUPowermanagement -- boot up ok and back on track. 11. Started maciASL extracted dsdt -- compiled and got 2 errors -- PARSEOP_ZERO and PARSEOP_ARG0 12. Downloaded/used Rehabman Laptop-DSDT-Patch-Master from repo, used the syntax PARSEOP_ZERO patch and now down to 1 error -- namely -- PARSEOP_ARG0 line-8947 code-6126 message- syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ARG0 13. Don't know how to fix the error, and im not sure what to do next if this is resolved. Fix brightness, battery, power-management perhaps. Hopefully after i put my dsdt.aml in clover config the hackintosh is up and ready for use. dsdt.asl with 1 error attached. Thank u. DSDT.dsl.zip