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  1. @ErmaC / Fabio Hi, I just noticed a few mistakes on the first post. Mainly grammar mistakes. I would like to correct some. Here we go. Oh, I might be mistaken on this, and some people could see this as a mocking from me, it's not. Thanks.
  2. Hi ! Just updated my french translation to comply r1678. r1678_fr.lproj.zip
  3. Weird. Check out your BIOS and/or DSDT. Try removing the SMBIOS.plist or something. Is this POST - Failed recent or you have since long time ? Anyway, you shouldn't post here. This thread is about the bootloader, and I don't think this issue is from the bootloader. You should open a thread in a correct section.
  4. You did a nice mix of RAM here, not the same brand (Samsung, and I assume, Kingston), not the same size (2 and 4GB), in Dual Channel. I would not do that, it screws up your system. The same brand is not required, but recommanded, but hey, the SAME SIZE should be used when you do this stuff. Anyway, more info here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-channel_architecture About, the 4 slots of RAM, it's no big deal, I think your chipset/BIOS supports 4 slots of RAM, but they are not soldered on the laptop's motherboard. @blackosx Hey, I saw you updated your Description.html file for the Installer. And that you applied this file into all the localization folders. And about that, I noticed a little detail, since you written the ATi brand based on its logo, I assume Nvidia should be written the same : "nVIDIA". Anyway, I just updated my French translation to comply the new version. @ErmaC Hi, I just noticed you forgotten to update the first post of this thread, about the translations status. Description_r1672_fr.html
  5. Hi ! That's no problem, but the best would be that you tell us what you did/did not modify on the final version localization files (especially the .strings file, kinda tough one). Meanwhile, here are the French files. blackosx_r1658_fr.zip ErmaC_r1663_fr.zip
  6. Hi guys ! I just translated the Ressources/en.lproj folders from the latest blackosx and ErmaC branches to French. But, how do I upload them ? I already changed their name to fr.lproj. Just zip 'em and upload it here as attachement ?
  7. Tenval

    Before Going Crazy !

    This is EFI dude. If you are using a BootLoader (like Chameleon) you need to disable EFI-based booting.
  8. I'm currently running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (not vanilla - pc special distro) with SATA on Enhanced IDE Mode on a Maximus II Formula mobo. BTW, when I am trying to boot with Empire EFI i got the "Still waiting for root device" error. Strange ! And when I'm trying AHCI mode my hard drive hangs and I have an EBIOS TimeOut Error from Empire EFI.