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  1. When u installed Kalyway did you browse for the iso file at the beginning of your install using the "New Virtual Machine Wizard"?? The only way I know how to avoid what you are experiencing is to install the OS this way: With VMware running choose: File> New> Virtual Machine> Typical> Installer disc image file (.iso) Now browse to where you have the .iso image file on your HDD. Once you do it this way VMware automatically uses this path to install and boot from (if necessary). If for some reason when u try and run this image later and it tells you "operating system not found" you may have to go into the settings of this VMware image and redirect it to the image file again but usually this does not happen. Have you tried mounting an .iso image of Kalyway. There are a number of different image mounting programs available that will help in alleviating this issue for you. I personally use Virtual Clone Drive but you could also use Daemon tools or Alcohol 120. When u installed Kalyway did you have VMware search for the iso file through your system or did you put the disc with the iso files in a disc drive. That is the big question.

    When you say it "sticks" are you saying that you have gotten to the install GUI and chosen all of the drivers for install?? If this is so have you tried not installing some of the drivers. I had a similar issue with trying to install iDeneb and I had to not choose one of the patches. Then it did finish installing but after it installed my internet and sound would not work so technically it was a success. I could not get iDeneb to work on any system but my HP laptop after trying Kalyway, Toh Leopard and iATKOS. You may have to download a different version. You might want to try one of the bittorent sites such as piratebay to download different versions. You may want to even try and download a VMware image(s) of the different versions of OSx. A lot of this is trial and error. Youtube has a ton of videos of people demonstrating the installation of the Mac Os. Pcwiz has an excellent walkthrough on how to install both VMware and different Mac Osx images. Donk (who is a member of this forum) also has some excellent advice and has an installation guide that may help. I have a system with a Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H motherboard which has a PH II 955 CPU (Oc'd to 3.7) and an 9600 GT video card. I tried to install Kalyway, iDeneb and iATKOS using VMware Workstation onto it. NONE OF THEM WORKED. The only version that I could get to work was IPC. I choose the following drivers during setup: Vodoo 9.5 kernel Natit video (because my 9600 video GT card was not on the list) VIA/SAS/Marvell chipset AC97 Audio Realtek R1000 Ethernet Patched USB IOUSBMass Storage fix Shutdown/Restart fix The above choices worked and installed fine. My sound echoes but at least it works. It recognizes USB drives just fine. A few strange things though: If I try and download VLC for Mac the thing crashes and gives me a kernel panic just before the download is complete, then I have to restart it. Also it takes almost 2 full minutes to load so I have to be patient. The Ethernet is set to bridged and I have 2 CPU's chosen. After you get it working my advice is to immediately take a snapshot!!! Hope this helps.
  3. Obviously you are in some type of kernel panic. Your system specs show that you may indeed be "pushing the envelope" of what you need hardware wise in order to run both operating systems simultaneously. Since you have limited time in order to download any other version I am not sure you have the correct one for your system. PCWiz has an excellent walk through of installing various Mac OSx versions. You can search for it using "Mac VMware install" as your search topic. Also you may try to download a VMware image from one of the bittorent sites such as "the piratebay". Most of the time a VMware image is smaller in size and/or in a zipped format so that the file size is smaller. From what I can see iATKOS may not be the right version for your system if you cannot even get to the Mac install GUI. I tried at least 4 different versions on 2 different systems before I could get one to work on 1 of system. iDeneb works fine on my laptop but I could not get it to work on my desktop at all. I wish I could be or more assistance but you cannot even get to the install GUI so I can't do too much.
  4. In order to help you more I am going to need more information. What are the specs of the system that you are trying to install the onto... motherboard, cpu etc... Have you tried any other version of OSx... for example have you tried Leopard Toh, IPC, Kalyway or iDeneb???
  5. iPC and Vmware 6.5.3

    Have you tried typing this after you press F8: busratio=20 fsb=133 cpus=1 -v -f This should let you get to where you can load/configure your IPC install. This will however make it so your install only uses 1 processor though. there is a guide on pcwiz's site that is very thorough and walks you through an entire install.
  6. AHAAAAA!!! I too have a Core i7 system. My system has an MSI Pro-E motherboard. I tried Kalyway, OSX Leopard, and iatkos before I found that IPC was the only one I could get to work with my board/CPU. I pulled my hair out for almost 4 days and tried multiple installs of each of the different types of OS's. Which network adapter did you choose during your install??? I chose Realtek as my adapter. I don't know enough about the Jas image to know which choices you have for network adapters. You may have to choose an IPC installation as that was the only one that worked for my system.
  7. VMWare + iAtkos v7 HELP!

    Firstly , there are a number of mounting programs that you can use other than Alcohol 120 for mounting your image. I used it for years but found another program that is just as good if not better. It is called Virtual Clone Drive. It mounts images just as well and I have mounted and successfully installed VMware images with it. You can also try Daemon tools. Secondly there are a number of "flavors" of Mac OSX installations. It sounds as if you are either in a kernel panic or did not choose the correct drivers during your OS installation. If you press -v before your timer counts down and tries to get to the Apple logo what happens?? Please list what happens in the forum so we can get a better understanding of what takes place. You may need to try one of these other MAC installation "flavors"...IPC, iDeneb or Kalyway. IPC is said to be setup for the AMD processor/systems the best. I hope this helps.
  8. ACE is grayed out for you...which version # of VMware are you using 6.5... and is it Server or Workstation. Do you have any other installations of any different operating systems in your VMware installation that can get to the Internet??? I have had an instance before where I had VMware installed on a machine and no matter what I did I could not get 2 installations of different operating systems to the Internet. I finally had to uninstall VMware and install it again. Then getting to the Internet was fine. Also are you set to "Host only" or "Bridged"?? If you have to you have to uninstall VMware you obviously don't have to delete you Jas VMware image. What are the specs of your system...motherboard, chipset, cpu etc... Have you tried any other "flavor" of Mac installations??? IPC, Kalyway Iatkos??? I have iDeneb on one system and IPC on another one. When I tried IPC on both of them... it would not work at all. Each OS reacts differently on different system setups, that is why I ask.
  9. What type of system do you have it installed on. Motherboard, Chipset, Network card etc... Even if you think it does not matter it may help other users in the future. Which version # of VMware do you have installed?? Is this VMware Server or Workstation.... or a newer version. Do you have ACE Enabled on your VMware installation??? Also are you using "bridged" or "Host Only"?? You may have to disable ACE. I had to disable ACE and change my network setting to NAT in order to get my IPC OSX 86 version to work with my Core I7 custom built system. Nothing else I tried worked. The only difference between what your "Network Diagnostics" screenshot shows and what I was getting was that I would only get the first 2 "green lights" to show up using Network Diagnostics. I was referring to Mudslag's screen shot when I said that I only get the first 2 "Green lights" in Network diagnostics as opposed to what you are getting. I now see your screen shot of the same 1st two radio buttons being green. You have the exact same issue as I had before I turned off ACE and changed my network setting to NAT...I know it sounds nuts but that is the only way I could get it to work. Turning off ACE by itself gave me an IP address but I still could not get Safari to connect to the Internet. After Turning off ACE AND changing the network setting to NAT, ONLY then could I get to the Internet using Safari. Please reply to let us know if this helps or not.