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    Sony Vaio Z with 1GB 330M?

    Well, there've been certain claims already that some people were able to get hackint0sh working on the latest sony vaio Z line...there're rumours as well, they've managed to get hardware QE/CI running...just google, dear friends, just google...for instance there's this guy who uploaded video on youtube with SL running virtually, but he added some instructions to have SL installed as a native OS... GIYF is the password of the day. Although it's still a work in progress (it's still not 100% working Snowy Z, for example the built-in wireless from Intel is one of the issues), I personally believe, there're much bigger chances now to see SL running on the Sony Vaio Z as good as never before Regards, gismose7en
  2. I'd just add another option how to prepare a bootable USB flash drive... This method worked for me. Basically it's a workaround for those who don't have an access to a Mac My point is: No you don't need a Mac at all to prepare a bootable USB stick, BUT you have to have three 3 things ready: 1) VT hardware support (virtualisation technology enabled) - check your BIOS settings 2) VMWare Workstation 7 installed 3) google for Snow Leopard VMWare Workstation 7 and VMWare Player 3 I don't want to spam or anything, that's why I left step 3 unspecified, but no worries, u will find it. Oh yeah, I've used latest installer of MyHack by Conti, very nice tool Unfortunately, SL didn't work on my lappy as I could have imagined (hardware incompatibility u know ) but that's another story... Good luck
  3. gismose7en

    Sony VAIO Z

    People, people... u can dream 'bout getting Snow Leopard onto Sony Vaio Z as long a u can, but the sad and cruel fact is, there's absolutely no way to get it work properly due to many circumstances. The biggest disappointment would be probably the switchable graphics which won't let u go further. In fact because there's no fully developed kext for the built-in Intel 4500mhd card on HackIntosh (and there never will be as they say;) forget 'bout any decent graphic performance there. Wifi connection won't work for the same reason as well. Frankly, as a Z690 user I managed to install SL, however just couldn't be happy enough, but used it couple of days only. I better stick with my dual boot Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10 choise. I was told by insiders from the crew (not insanelymac now) the SNC device is the real troublemaker there. Anyways, if u want have a decent running Snow Leopard u have 2 options left: 1) run it virtually through VMWare (my case) - not so bad until u get used to it (not perfect though) 2) buy a Mac - the best option available, hell yeah Have a good day