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  1. No haven't found anything yet. I have a Sapphire 4670 and my hackintosh is pretty much perfect with the exception of not having extended desktop. I've looked around and tried the different versions of bootloaders etc. what is interesting though is with some the output goes to HDMI or DVI and with the one I'm currently using (I think it's reksor's modified chameleon RC4 which doesn't require UUID) it outputs to VGA... it also detects the attached monitor properly. So essentially it is possible to send output through both connectors on a 4670... just that we don't have a boot file or kext that does both at the same time. I would tinker around if I could, but a lot of this is way over my head. I managed to get my system up thanks to Tonymac's guide.
  2. ATI HD4670

    Hello guest048, I can confirm that I have a Sapphire 4670 (1gb ddr3) on a Gigabyte P55M-UD2/i5 750/10.6.2 working with QE/CI (confirmed via ripple effects in Dashboard-add widget). Cannot get dual monitor setup. Only VGA out works, or VGA + DVI via DVI=>VGA adaptor for mirror mode only (display connected by DVI=>VGA does not show up in displays or system profile. HDMI via HDMI=>DVI also doesn't work, you get display during PC EFI boot, but once it goes to login, only black screen. I'm relatively new to Hackintosh so I haven't done anything special with my install, I just followed tonymacx86's blog, used his dsdt.aml, extras, etc. (http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/) BTW - if anyone else is trying to extend their desktop, I'm currently looking into USB2.0 to VGA/DVI display adaptors, I didn't even know such things existed. Apparently, all you do is plug one end to your monitor, the other end into a USB2 port on your computer and it shows up as an extra display. Goodluck
  3. Hello spinner, Thanks for the reply. Makes me more confident of build. Could you tell me what brand of ATI 4670 you are using? Is it the Sapphire 4670 Ultimate? It's the only passively cooled 4670 that I've seen so far. I'm looking at this board too, but don't think it's being sold anymore. Can you confirm that all the ports of your video card are functioning i.e. VGA, DVI and HDMI? No need for plugging something into HDMI to get the VGA port to work, and dual monitor possible? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I'm totally new to Hackintosh and I'm still trying to figure out boot files, dsdt, pc EFI, chameleon etc. but reading up and gradually getting a better idea of how it should all work. I'm thinking of building a i5 750, Gigabyte P55M-UD4, SL 10.6.2., ATI 4670? I have two questions: 1. I don't think I need that much graphics power so I was just thinking of getting an ATI 4670. My questions is - given that the new iMac's use the 4670 would it most probably work fairly well? I read early adopters of 4670 and how there were black screen issues etc. I don't see that much here, but most of you seem to be running some variation of 48xx. I'm willing to go with a 48xx if it would save me a lot of headaches, but would prefer to use a 4670 if possible. 2. I have a 10.6.0 disk and was looking into patching it to a 10.6.2 (so the drivers/kext for 4670 would hopefully be present as wells as P55, i5 750 etc). For Windows, I'm use to "slipstreaming" the service packs into a Windows Install disk image, but I couldn't find something like that for Mac. The closest thing I've found is NetInstall and System Image Utility from Apple. I used my disk to make an image and I think I've patched it with the 10.6.2 combo update. I get a disk image that seems bigger (7.2gb), but of course not having built my hackintosh yet, I have no idea whether this works. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere so I thought perhaps knowledgeable folk might be kind enough to tell me why this would not work... I'm just thinking that this way I'll have a OS that is built to work with Intel i5, P55 and ATI 4670 thus increasing my chances of success. Thanks.