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  1. Hey guys, So I have an x99 build right now that is working really great! I am using the x99-Deluxe from Asus and have had very little problems getting it up and running with Clover. My question is: I am going to be doing another Mac Pro mod soon and need an x99 MICRO ATX mobo for the build. I am looking at the x99-M WS from Asus, as I quite like Asus, but I wanted to see if anybody has had any success from it? I know according to http://www.rampagedev.com/?page_id=55there are issues with the x99-E WS (Extended ATX), I wanted to know if the same held true for the x99-M WS (Micro ATX) counterpart. Thanks SO much guys!
  2. I would also not mind parting the motherboard + CPU and Modded case out separately.
  3. Good Old G5 Mod....

    Hey, Thought I would post over here that I have two powermac g5 related items for sale... 1. A complete System with modded g5 case http://www.insanelym...tx-650-ti-fast/ 2. Unmodded G5 case http://www.insanelym...wermac-g5-case/ Details and Prices can be found at the Links Above! Thanks Guys! This community has been great!
  4. Up For grabs is an unmodified Late 2005 PowerMac G5 case with all fans and most dividers cables and other accessories. Also Included is an Early 2005 and Prior Front Panel Board to allow plug and play wiring with cables made here on the forums! Price: $60 OBO + Shipping (PLEASE: Submit Best Offers Via Personal Message... I will review your Offer and provide an answer within 5 Business days) Bought this as an extra parts case when I bought mine, Selling my other off now and I don't need this guy anymore. If you have any questions please let me know!
  5. Hello Guys! Up for grabs is my current system, less than 7 months old... all installed nicely in a 85% done G5 Case. Here are the Specs: Mobo: Asus P8P67-Pro (Rev 3.1) (Supports Ivy Bridge) CPU: Intel 2nd Gen Core i5-2300 Cooler: Stock Intel Cooler (Was surprised by the performance) Memory: 2 x 4GB 1333 MHz Ram (8GB Total) System Supports up to 32GB (4 x 8GB) GPU: ATI HD 5450 1GB (Fully Working, except on some outputs requires sleep/wake for output) HDD: Seagate 2TB 5900 RPM Sata 6Gb/s Audio: While the Onboard Audio DOES work, you cannot plug it in due to the back panel, so I have an Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Installed. Optical Drive: DVD Burner (Dont know Brand) Power Supply: DiabloTek 550 Watt PSU Modded into the PowerMac G5 PSU Casing Fans: Front CPU and PCI stock G5 fans wired at 5v to give a relatively quite and cool system. So that is the Specs... as far as the case mod goes, I have made no cuts except on the inside dividers to allow room for the ATX Mobo. Pretty much everything is done except for what is listed below: NOT DONE: Rear I/O Ports and Front Firewire (NOTE: I have made up a cable for the front power button, usb and head phone, although jack sense does not work) Case Condition: Case is not in New condition but it is in better condition than most I see... No major scratches, however there are slight signs of ware and on the top near the back there are two small indents where the HDD Standoff's where attempted to be removed (See Picture) Here are some pictures: Extra Stuff: I can also included upon Buyers Request the following: Extra G5 Parts: Fans, Screws, Unused Deviders... etc Original Hardware Boxes from NewEgg (Extra Shipping) Now, the question you have all been waiting for, what's the price? Well I have put over $1,200.00 into this rig when all is said and done, not to mention over a month and a half modding the case. The Price: THIS ITEM IS SOLD AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE $745.00 OBO Plus Shipping (Shipping will be whatever is cheapest at the time of purchase) If you have ANY questions please feel free to PM me! NOTE: Due to the Guidelines set forth by InsanelyMac and the EULA set forth by Apple, I will NOT be providing any OS with this build! However an 8GB Thumb Drive with tools and instructions to create a working Mountain Lion Install Disk and all necessary Kexts, DSDT's and Other Fixes WILL be included.
  6. (GUIDE) Getting your Busratio

    Glad to hear that!
  7. Fixing the "boot0 error" on newer hard drives.

    Glad to hear that! It is a weird error and I hope it will be fixed with future versions of Chameleon!
  8. Pre Modded Powermac G5 Cases

    I am not screaming at anyone... I was simply stating my opinion. I think that a lot if not most of the PowerMac G5 mods look very bad. I am not saying that there is an issue with that. I am just saying that some people don't know how to machine things with precision. That is not bad either, there are many thing that I cannot do because I simply don't know how. In those instances I turn to people that do. That is the way this community works... all of us coming together to help each other for the better good. I have extra G5's lying around and just wanted to know if people would want to buy them pre-modded. So I am sorry that you feel that way, and all of my comments where neither meant to hurt anyone's feelings nor direct that post to anyone in particular. I will change my original post to better reflect what I was trying to say to avoid further confusion.
  9. Pre Modded Powermac G5 Cases

    I am currently Working On my Own... I must agree that there are some mods that are pretty bad! My father and I both machine things and have built many computers. I suspect this may be a long process (2 or 3 Months) but I will be posting picture as I make way here! International shipping will be made available via FexEx or UPS depending on which is cheaper at the time. I will only charge what the Shipping Company will charge me.
  10. G5 late case back i/o to atx mod

    You can go one of two routes.... 1. Create a Custom PCB board with all the required connectors. Without getting into too much detail this requires you to take some copper clad board, wiring designs, different acids and a bit of luck and brains to get it right. Not to mention the correct "Side mounted" connectors that apples uses. If this is the Route you want to go user zammykoo and youtube will be able to help. (Zammykoo made his own and youtube has instructions on making pcb) 2. A Faster and more sensible way of doing this would be to Cut off the rear of a stock apple motherboard and soldering wires and connectors to the leads on the back and routing those to your mobo headers. This was done already and you can find the link here: http://tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=11725 I hope that helps any concerns or questions you may have and may I wish you a good luck with your build!
  11. PLEASE NOTE: I really wanted to provide pre modded cases for the community. But due to some unforeseen health issues in the family and extra burdens both financially and "time consumingly" I will be unable to provide anymore of these cases, for those of you that have PM'd me I am sorry. I will be creating a topic outlining the progress of my own build shortly. I am sorry, and if the time is ever right to do this again I will, but it is just not possible right now Hey y'all! I have become very much Interested in the powermac g5 modding. I have severial G5's. I will be modding the first for myself (no cuts) and the rest I have no clue what to do with. I was wondering how many of you would be interested in them, pre modded ofcorse. Pricing would go as follows: $250 for standard case modded for full ATX with front panel cable and All System fans pre wired. $300 for all above plus rear IO from orig motherboard to atx headers $350 for all above plus a 550 Watt 20/24 pin ATX PSU with either 4/8 pin CPU modded in the orig PSU casing. All prices are subject to shipping charges Unless you are in Southern California and Local Pickup is an option.. How many think this is a good price? If so how many would be interested. At the moment I have the ability to make 2 but will think about making more. Just for reference a nice aluminum (ugly) case from newegg runs you $250 (P.S. These are all Late 2005 G5 Models and the Blower is removed to allow clearance for the Motherboard.) Let me know. UPDATES: I have started working and have gotten the case cleaned all out and the motherboard in for test fitting (This is an old ATX P4 Board and ATI Card) I also notice that the rear fans will need some modification done because of the motherboard connectors
  12. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I tried to PM you but your Inbox is full!!!!!! PM ME PLEASE!!!!
  13. POWERMAC G5 Cases... No Longer Available!

    Lol. Yeah that is the reason he his selling them so cheap. Shipping is expensive. he parts out motherboards, processors and other stuff the shipping is not so expensive. Lol.
  14. Ok so I tried this about 20 times before I went to another guide, with no luck, and then I decided to do it my own way and here is how I got up and running: I used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to create a lion drive and booted and installed lion. After install I booted into lion using the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] drive to make sure it worked. If you have a hard drive with 4kb sectors (a lot of 1.5 and 2tb hdd) like I did you need to follow this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277056&st=0#entry1805575 Once I did that I installed Andy's install package for the P8P67 Pro, rebooted and that was it! All in all once I figured out the boot0 error thing it took just a few minutes. Updated to 10.7.3 and it wiped out Audio. Reinstalled the audio kexts, repaired permissions and rebooted. Done. Now I just have to mod one of my G5 cases for the ultimate hackintosh!
  15. ********THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE USING A HARD DRIVE WITH 4Kb sectors instead of 512byte sectors. What happens is Chimera will not install correctly and you will get a "boot0 error"************ To fix the Boot0 error you need to install the boot1h file manually to the boot partition, the procedure is as follows: •Install lion (I used ###### as it was the only method that worked and is pretty much idiot proof) •Before installing any bootloader, Boot into lion using the ######## stick and extract ####### (or a custom installer such as Andy's package) using pacifist and find the Chimera/usr/standalone/i386 folder and put the boot1h file into a folder called "Fix" on the root of your lion installer drive, ######. DON'T INSTALL THE ######## PACKAGE YET •Boot back into the lion installer disk, don't worry we won't need to reinstall, and figure out the identifier of the partition you installed lion on. To do this, go to Utilities>Termanal and type "diskutil list" and find the identifier. Mine is rdisk0s2 the number 0 is the disk and the number 2 is the partition. •Close Termanal and open Utilities>Disk Utility, select the partition you installed lion on and unmount it. THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE PARTITION MOUNTED. Close Disk Utility. •Now in terminal Type "cd /Fix/" and hit enter. (cd stands for change directory.) Then, if no error shows up, type: dd if=boot1h of=/dev/identifier MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE IDENTIFIER TO THE ONE YOU WROTE DOWN FROM EARLIER. Mine is rdisk0s2 and hit enter. •You should see a message telling you that so may bytes have been written. •Reboot. Boot using the ####### drive again and this time select the lion partition. Once in lion install Chimera via ####### or a custom install package that you extracted the boot1h file from. Reboot and take out the ###### drive and see if she boots. If so, it worked!! Notes: This may work with Chameleon as they are pretty much the same. Just make sure that you extract the boot1h from the installer you intend to use. Also: If you ever install again or restore from a backup you may need to do this again. Sorry if the formatting is weird. I typed this guide on my iPhone when I was bored. I will fix tonight when I get "Back to my Mac" hehe.