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    Kernel Panic on Shutdown

    got the same as you.... Dell Inspiron 640m Core duo T280 @ 1.7GHZ 120GB HDD INTEL GMA950 2GB RAM BROADCOM wireless 1390 (Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( ) AUDIO sigmantel 9200 (PATCHED) Apple keyboard. USB LACIE HDD 500GB USB LACIE DVD Burner
  2. HI I just have the same problem. I just install OSX86TOOLS ( find it on google ) and download the drivers for the broadcom 440x 10/100 Ethernet. also, but i dont know if works, I install the IONetworkingFamily.kext from the 10.5.6 Apple update. just need to put at work the 2 cores, SOON!. i got this :: tscsync.patch.tar Dell Inspiron 640m Core duo T280 @ 1.7GHZ 120GB HDD INTEL GMA950 2GB RAM BROADCOM wireless 1390 (Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( ) AUDIO sigmantel 9200 (PATCHED) Apple keyboard. USB LACIE HDD 500GB USB LACIE DVD Burner
  3. x220v

    Apache Problem

    cool, i fix the permissions, with captain ftp, and everything is working very well thanks really!..
  4. x220v

    Apache Problem

    i do this domino i make a new index.html , and it`s work... i see the problem, my folder that have the webpage, have many files whit the group access ( NO ACCESSS) i think the problem was copy that folder from another computer or something like that..... my question is.. can i granted full access to the all directory, and not file per file,, one a one,, i have to change one by one, the access that`s it`s crazy me.! thanks for the help!
  5. x220v

    Apache Problem

    i`m going to do that, but i`m going to tell you, jejej , the php test info, it`s working,,, i do the test, so that was confuse me, but i`m going to search very well about the lines!!.. thanks,,,
  6. x220v

    Apache Problem

    great but, how i do, the chmod 644. on the terminal window? Why do I get a "Forbidden/You don't have permission to access / on this server" message whenever I try to access my server? Search your conf/httpd.conf file for this exact string: <Files ~>. If you find it, that's your problem -- that particular <Files> container is malformed. Delete it or replace it with <Files ~ "^\.ht"> and restart your server and things should work as expected. This error appears to be caused by a problem with the version of linuxconf distributed with Redhat 6.x. It may reappear if you use linuxconf again. If you don't find this string, i do this, the apache documents have this.... it`s seems that mac os x86 10.4 throuht 10.4.5 have this problem.... how i do, get activate, directory browsing ( ON ), on apache in unix?
  7. x220v

    Apache Problem

    i was loking, that`s seems to be a windows program... - can i put the right chmod direct from the mac?
  8. my personal web sharing it`s on, but went i trie to enter to a page, says, error 403. forbidden, you can`t access this page on server.... i wll give more details later....
  9. I have installed, macos 10.4.5, i don`t have mamp for mac os x, the problem is the server says, error 403, forbidden, you can`t access this file from server... i don`t know the reason... i will give more details later..... i check all the folders on /username/sites/pagename/ and all it`s write and read (on). any help please.. i want to run my personal web file sharing..
  10. I have a problem, the apache says, this error, 403 forbidden you don`t have permission to access this server file, the apache documents says something about the files permission but i check the folders on /sites/pagename/ all the permission are readable and writetable. i want to have a dedicated server on my mac, i have a ibook g3 800mhz, and the web file sharing works fine.. i don`t know if the problem it`s the macos x86 10.4.5 have errors. any help will be great i`m using. -macos x86 10.4.5 -intel 915g board -pentium 4 3.0ghz socket 775 -tricom ethernet. -1 gb ddr_ram 400.
  11. x220v

    Web Application/Site Languages

    i want to know if apache web server on mac os x86 it`s work fine.. for you, i have a 403, error, forbiden, this error it`s i don`t haver permission to view this folder,,, or something like that,, the permissions ?