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  1. Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Here is what I can tell about a Samsung Q35 Notebook with Win7 I have 2 apple alu wireless keyboards. (They look the same !! But only from the outside !!!) One uses 2 batteries One uses 3 batteries The one with 3 batteries is recognized in Win 7 (everything, fn-delete for del, volume up/down, eject) with all the nice images that pop up, when you push a special button. In the drivers settings I can see that Win7 chooses the Apple Bootcamp driver. The one with 2 batteries on the other hand, well, it doesn't like me. I have tried so many things. It only works with the Windows drivers (so no special keys and no keypush-popups) and no matter what I tried, I couldn't make Windows use the Apple Bootcamp driver it uses for the other (so identical looking) keyboard. Also found an Apple Support entry, that might be related http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3038 If some still finds a way to get the 2 battery mac wireless keyboard working on win 7 on a pc (not mac).... Please tell me how.