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  1. Do ATi 4670 and 4650 cards work under OSX?

    ATI HD 4650 1Gb PCIe, is working under Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with the corect kexts and using DVI out. I'm using the same card under Snow Leopard, but I don't know how to make it work under 10.6.3.
  2. I used the 10.6.2 kexts from irc.osx86.hu #RadeonHD and the test boot 5 from JaS, for my ATI Radeon HD 4650 1 Gb PCIe (RV730) an it's working on DVI2VGA, also I have QE/CI. thanks to JaS for the help.
  3. Yeah it works, I am running Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard), only output. Thanks for the driver.