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  1. AriX

    ThinkPad T40 Wireless Help

    I ended up trying to install both - one of them worked, and one of them didn't. I completely forget which was which, but I guess it was the 2100... Thanks!
  2. OK, so I'm trying to install hackintosh on this laptop. Leopard won't boot, but I don't really care, I'm fine with 10.4.10 (although 10.4.11 would be nice, but I'll try that after I can just verify all of these drivers are working right) So the point is, I think I have either a 2200 Intel wireless chipset or a 2100. But I have no clue which. How can I find out? Thanks!
  3. AriX

    Boot Logo & Screen Problems

    Hi Michael, I appreciate your advice but this is not the same problem at all. My computer can go to sleep AND wake up from sleep perfectly - but, while it's sleeping, the screen remains on. It does not know how to tell the monitor to go to sleep mode... :/
  4. Ironically... I have the exact same problem, but on my real Mac (a MacBook Pro) I actually just reinstalled the operating system last week, but for the last year I've been in the habit of never putting it to sleep, so I haven't tried yet. Maybe it's fixed now, I'll try soon. This is running Leopard, however.
  5. Hey Everyone, I know this is rather minor in the scheme of things, but I was able to reinstall Hackintosh on my old Dell Dimension 2400, effectively upgrading from JaS 10.4.8 (with a really old kernel from JaS 10.4.6) to Kalyway 10.4.10. It works great, but I have two complaints: First, on my 10.4.8 install, when I booted the machine up, I had the traditional Apple logo with the spinning thingy under it. However, now that I've installed Kalyway, EVEN THOUGH I didn't select verbose mode in the installer, it boots in verbose every time, with no Apple logo. While verbose mode is cool (and I have my real Macs boot up in verbose), I think that the Apple logo on Hackintosh is cooler. If anyone could help me achieve this, I'd really appreciate it. I tried using nvram -p to list the nvram variables, but it said that nvram isn't supported on the system (something about there being no EFI maybe?). SOLVED - See below. The other problem I have is that when the computer goes to sleep, the screen is not deactivated, and stays on, with the image that was there before it went to sleep. I'd really appreciate not having to turn the monitor (a Dell 17" flat panel if that helps any, with an old integrated video controller) off every time I leave. The monitor also does not turn off when the display is supposed to be turned off (according to Energy Saver). Thanks so much everyone! UPDATE: Huh, I had been looking for the com.apple.Boot.plist file, but I thought it was in /. Turns out it wasn't, and I found it with Spotlight. I took away the -v entry, and now I have my pretty Apple logo back However, I'd still appreciate help with the sleep problem.
  6. Hey everyone! CunningTV is going to be covering the MacWorld 2008 keynote at http://cunning.tv/ Also, if you'd be nice enough to Digg it that would be great: http://digg.com/apple/CunningTV_MacW...008_Coverage_2 Thanks, and have fun watching MacWorld! We might have a live video stream, or maybe audio!
  7. AriX

    activated US iphone without SIM card

    Actually I believe you can use the iPhone Elite Dev team's Anysim 1.2.1u to unlock 1.1.2, but do NOT do so if the phone came with 1.1.2. This is only for upgraded phones, doesn't matter if you've downgraded or anything, if it came with 1.1.2, don't use it! http://code.google.com/p/iphone-elite/
  8. Make SURE you install OctoPrep under Tweaks (1.1.1) before upgrading to 1.1.2, or else you'll have to start all over again.
  9. AriX

    Browsing my iPod touch

    Also, if you're into the commandl ine you can access the filesystem via iPhuc, even when you're not jailbroken (although you can only get into the /private/var/root/Media folder if you haven't jailbroken... If you have jailbroken and would like to get access to /, type setafc com.apple.afc2)
  10. AriX

    iPod touch jailbreaking!

    Then once you're up to 1.1.2, use the 1.1.2 jailbreak from Conceited Software (google it) to jailbreak once again.
  11. AriX

    iJailBreak for iPod Touch

    No, iPod Touches can't be bricked. In fact, iPhones can only be bricked if you mess up the modem (which the 1.1.1 update does)
  12. AriX

    Leopard Live

    Hey everyone, if you want to see Leopard Launch Live () CunningTV is gonna be covering the event with video at http://cunning.tv
  13. AriX

    iJailBreak for iPod Touch

    Hey, thanks for mentioning me
  14. Here's a list of coverage http://winxblog.com/?p=14
  15. AriX

    Comcast blocks BitTorrent Upload Protocols

    A little while ago, I downloaded the Harry Potter book, the day before it came out. Comcast sent me a DMCA violation letter thingy and told me that if I kept pirating things, they'd shut down my account. I can still seed torrents though.