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  1. Hi all, I've got a Sony RS610 with the following specs: -2.8 GHz Pentium 4 -10/100 Base T Ethernet -Intel ICH8 -80 GB Maxtor hard drive -nVidia Geforce 6200 (it's also got an Intel integrated Extreme Graphics 2 chip, but I like a little more oomph ) -AC97 audio I've been able to get iPC running successfully three times with the following options on install: Voodoo Kernel NVdarwin 256 MB (couldn't get Nvinject to work with QE/CI, but NVdarwin does) Intel ICHx SATA Drivers AC97 Audio Intel Pro 100/VE Patched USB Drivers USB Mount Fix OSx86 Tools Utility After install, I reboot with -v -f options, am greeted with the beautiful "Welcome" video and am stepped through the last parts of the install process (MobileMe, registration, etc). Then I'm dumped out to the desktop and can play with things. The first time I installed I got a kernel panic when downloading Firefox, so on the second time around I installed the seatbelt kext which fixed it (and I then forgot to do the third time around. Doh!) My issue is that all three times the computer won't start completely after shutting down. Booting in verbose mode gives me the following: After each boot, I've just gotten fed up and reinstalled, thinking I missed something in the installation process. Anybody have any idea what's going wrong? Should I try another distro? All of my hardware seems to be working fine so it'd be great to get things working permanently. I'm coming from a Linux background so I'm open to using the command line if need be. Thanks!