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  1. I activated both from Secrets.pref.
  2. Fresh build Graphics card of choice

    There is a GTX285 for Mac
  3. Hey, I've successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my PC. I used EFI Strings to install my GTX295. I get 50-100FPS in Team Fortress 2 with AA and full graphics, but when I watch a video or install something, the windows animations become very laggy, not smooth at all. So, multitasking sucks on my hackintosh. Why ? Quartz is enabled. ASUS P7P55D LE Point of View GTX295 Intel core I5 750 4GB DDR3 1600MHz.
  4. Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    doesn't work for me... if I delete the ATY_init , when I boot i get some errors with com.apple.nvd50ha (?) and it freezes. Do I have to delete NVenabler, nvd50hadler and all that {censored} ? Please tell me wich ones I have to delete I tried the anarchistintosh method with no success, I'll try pfix and see.
  5. GeForce 200 series support

    Hello, I've got a GTX295 video card but I can't change the resolution from 1024x768... please help me installing it