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  1. Hi edmoncu, thanks for this extremely useful guide! Just the size of the USB drive was driving me crazy (as I discovered after some hours of trials), until I tried to create a partition of 8GB instead of using my whole 16GB pen. Maybe it would be better to write about this partition size limit in BIG and RED Anyway, now my system is perfectly working apart for the sleep. When it uses S3 state (the same for auto) it switches off the monitor, keyboard, mouse and maybe something else, but not the power supply and motherboard, so I can't wake it up and I need to push the reset button and restart. With S1 state it wakes up but just because only the monitor is switched off. Does your system enter in the real sleep, like in windows (with the flashing power led)? Any idea about how to solve the little problem? Thanks PS. I love using my new mac!!
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm NoiZe(mm) and this is my first post. I have good knowledge about the the pc environment but with with apple for the moment I'm limited to have: an iPhone 3gs (4.3.3 with jb), an old iBook on wich I installed tiger, a virtual machine with lion and since yesterday an hackintosh (ASUS P5QL-PRO, Nvidia 8400 GS). Now I'm writing from my new Mac and I'm extremely happy! eheh My other IT knowledge include something about: -windows mobile (many HTC smartphones firmware modding experience) -fonera (with dd-wrt firmware) -xbox1 (softmodded and with XBMC) -xbox360 (modded dvd firmware) -wii (softmodded) -I tried Ubuntu for a while (but I love&HATE that linux distr) -some nas mods -... and maybe something else I don't remember Bye