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    Radeon Mobility HD 5145 (Rebadged Mobility HD 4570)

    Yeah I found the RadeonHD.kext and tried it but same issues. It either doesnt recognize my card or causes a KP. I'm actually willing to buy a new laptop as the one in this post is actually my work one (dont worry, I'm an IT guy so I can fix any damage ). I should probably make a new post (after some searching of course) but i was hoping to find a list/database of laptops that have almost everything working with OSX. It would save me having to watch in pain as my gf pays over double the price of what the hardware is worth in a new Macbook
  2. WoodroweBones

    RadeonHD.kext - no display

    Man its tough to find help! So I did some more research and forced the EDID of my monitor as it didnt seem to be detecting but still the same issue remains
  3. Ok I almost have my laptop running OSX perfectly with a few remaining issues, most notably my GPU and Wireless. For the GPU I installed the RadeonHD.kext and when my laptop boots I get a blank screen (its lit but no image). I tried changing the Backlight setting from 255 to 0 but same result. More interesting is that if I go into System Preferences -> Display I have no displays listed. Also if I go into System Profiler and click on Graphics/Displays I see: Display: Resolution:1024x768 .... Now when my laptop is booted using RadeonHD.kext and I cant see anything on the screen I can still remote in using Teamviewer and can see my desktop and its now giving me proper resolutions but it just wont display on my laptop monitor. I am sooo close to having this going!
  4. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L650. I can get OSX installed and running but I run into issues getting my graphics card to load properly. I'm limited to 1024x768 until I get this resolved (is there a way to force resolution using the terminal?) I've googled and searched but havent come up with anything. The closest I came was someone mentioning editing a kext having worked for other people but it didnt work for them. I'm not real familiar with Kexts as of yet so I'm not sure what exactly they did. Anyone have experience with this GPU (or the slightly lower clocked 4570)?
  5. Hmmmm odd that a USB Mouse wont even work. Did you install with the USB mouse plugged in? I know I did and both my mouse and trackpad work ok. I dont see it on your desktop but on mine I had a .pkg file for "Trackpad support" or something like that. I didnt need it but it was put there on install (maybe because I installed with a USB Mouse plugged in)? Are you sure the keyboard doesnt work at all? Not sure if its the same in OSX but try using Tab to navigate around to the different areas/boxes
  6. I installed SL by booting off the nawcom disk and then installing with the retail SL DVD. When booting with the SL bootloader its a no go (Kernel Panic during boot). But if I boot the Nawcom disk then select my OSX install it boots up (still have to specify busratio=18). Unfortunately it doesnt detect my wireless or my video card so I'm stuck in 1024x768. I also had to make sure and uncheck the graphics enabler (with it checked off I got KP regardless of how I booted). It did find my wired LAN connection so I'm hoping I can find some drivers for my card on the internet or a way to enable it (and my wireless EDIT: I am editing this from OSX on my laptop. From what I can see the only remaining issues I have are: 1) Bootloader that will boot my OSX without needing to boot off the Nawcom disk 2) Graphics Drivers. Have a Radeon HD5145 Mobility and cant find any drivers or anything 3) Wireless Drivers. My laptop has a broadcom chipset (the Nawcom disk finds it and says its ok but it isnt here when I boot the system) 4) Fix my windows boot. Pretty sure I just need to set my windows partition as active again and then run the startup repair If I could get those things sorted out I would be golden... so close!
  7. Oh wow! That nawcom bootdisk is awesome! Not only does it make my laptop boot into OSX it actually shows my CPU being detected when it boots! I'm going to have to see how I can incorporate it as my default bootloader (without using the CD). I'm going to try booting with the nawcom disk and then install using a retail version of SL
  8. I am having almost the exact same issue. It appears to have more to do with the bootloader than anything else. I noticed you are using the default choice on bootloader. When I use the PC EFI choice my laptop will boot further but you seem to be at that point already. When i was getting those KP screens I think it had to do with the video settings. I had to add in the ATI Enabler (the EVO one I think) to get past those KP screens but now it looks like its going to boot fine and then the screen goes black and just sits there... no KP and the computer is still responsive but nothing happens. My laptop has an odd card though (HD5145). I'm hoping to get more time to play around but i've already wasted a ton of time on the issue. I also have the issue of when I added in the OSX entry to my Windows bootloader it installs some version of chameleon and doesnt use my PC EFI one. Its incredibly frustrating as I'm so close but just cant quite get it to go. If I find anything I will post back here
  9. WoodroweBones

    Radeon HD5145 with OSX86?

    I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 with specs as follows: Core i5 450M 4 GB RAM Radeon HD5145 I've been trying for a couple days now to get iAtkos s3 v2 going on my laptop and think I've hit a snag with my video card. Originally I was having issues with it rebooting immediately upon bootup after install. I was told to try different Kernels and after many many tries I discovered it had more to do with the bootloader than the Kernel. I'm now using the PC EFI bootloader and I OSX tries to boot and gets much farther than before (I get past the grey apple screen but then it goes black and there is intermittent HD activity but nothing ever loads). Its really starting to look like its my vid card that is limiting me as its not a very common card. I do believe it is a simple derivative of a more common card (4630 or something?) and was thinking I maybe just have to add a line or ID or something to a file? I seem to very close but just cant get it that last little bit to actually boot into OSX. When I boot with -v it gets to DSMOS... and then just sits and waits
  10. WoodroweBones

    OSX 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 v2) on my laptop (Toshiba L650)

    I may just be talking to myself at this point but thought I'd update it anyway... Seems to have more to do with the bootloader than the Kernel... if I use the default bootloader in iAtkos s3 v2 it never ever gets past the reboot issue. When i do get past the reboot issue I get the following error: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y193/wood...101204-1807.jpg Havent figured out how to get around this one yet
  11. WoodroweBones

    OSX 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 v2) on my laptop (Toshiba L650)

    Ok I've gotten the install to go farther now... The PCJ kernel seems to work the best as it actually will boot with only the busratio=18 command being specified but I still get Kernel Panics when booting. I am messing around some more with the options to try and get things going and will report back here if I get it working
  12. Hey guys, I looked through this thread and didnt see anyone with my particular problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 (Core i5 450M, 4GB RAM) which has similar specs to the HP series talked about in these guides. Unfortunately when I use the 1.15 boot cd I get a "Can't find mach_kernel" message and it goes back to the boot selection screen. From what I've read I should be able to hit F8 and type in some options that should get me past my issue. Any help is greatly appreciated
  13. WoodroweBones

    OSX 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 v2) on my laptop (Toshiba L650)

    I am not having any luck at all. I did notice that under the Custom install options there is a section for IDE/SATA and under that a box for SATA AHCI. Its not checked by default but even with checking it off its a no go (still same reboots). From what I can tell when I run it with -v it reboots as soon as it starts "Darwin..." didnt catch the whole line as it flashes by very quickly. It feels like I'm missing something (sort of like the busratio command for booting off the disc). Should I play with different bootloaders at all?
  14. WoodroweBones

    OSX 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 v2) on my laptop (Toshiba L650)

    Yeah that was how I got it going on my desktop but I never ran into this continuous reboot issue. I would simply get KPs or errors depending on options I selected and wasnt sure if this was somehow related to the busratio command (never had to do that on my desktop). Glad to hear its probably just an option somewhere. I will play around for a bit. Thanks for the help!
  15. WoodroweBones

    OSX 10.6.3 (iAtkos S3 v2) on my laptop (Toshiba L650)

    I will do that right away. If it doesnt work should I simply try working my way through the options for different kernels? My gf has an old iBook G4 that is starting to show signs of death so I was hoping to get OSX going on my much newer laptop so she doesnt have to worry and can reap the massive performance benefits