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  1. update: i already received my Broadcom BCM4311. i have replace my intel wifi card with Broadcom BCM4311. It was automatically detected by leopard as airport card.. no sweat.. @daniel-arr be sure that you are using the iDeneb 1.4 version installer... most of us can use the onboard keyboard ang trackpadd without a sweat..
  2. @gazzacbr why not just replace your InteWifi Card? I assume you used the existing wifi antenna for the 1470wifi card? I have ordered Broadcom BCM4311 wifi mini-pcie card.. i will try this option and hopefully this will work as a native airport card.
  3. Hi, I am a noob in installing OS X. I would like to seek your advice on what to do before installing a kext. Co'z most of the time I end up reinstalling OS X coz I don't know how to revert back to how it was before. 1. What to backup? 2. What tools do I need? 3. Any terminal commands that I should mins. Btw, I have an external hard disk with OS X installed. So in case there is sumtin to backup, I can boot up using my external hard disk and copy back files. Thanks in advance for your help. I actually don't know how to ask this. Thanks..
  4. i'll be answering my above question as I tried it already. I swapped my Intel 4965 wifi with the atheros AR5007EG wifi from Acer one netbook hoping that it will be supported. Windows 7 recognized the card without a pain. In Leopard, I followed some forums which guided me on how to install kext for AR5007EG. The card is not fully supported. There is some work around but am not successfull connecting to wifi. I have tried to install chameleon bootloader using the package in the chameleon website. It had been installed automatically. BUT, you have to reinstall the kext for 6920G. Also, putting mkext in the /Extra folder did not work. I just used the Kexthelper to install it and everything went back to normal.
  5. 4920 specification is different from 6920G. i.e. graphics card. 6920G is using nvidia graphics card and 4920 is not. I just don't know 4920's other components is similar to 6920G. Do a search in the web and compare the specifications.
  6. also, have you experienced the throttling problem which is evident in Windows OS?
  7. Hi, I have an acer one netbook and acer 6920G laptop. I want to install osx in my 6920G and just leave winxp in my netbook. My question is can i swap the atheros wireless of my acer one and the 4965 6920G? Will the atheros wireless driver in iDeneb installer work? Secondly, I noticed that there is AttansicL1Ethernet driver. Is this the same driver as the one posted in this thread? Thirdly, Is it necessary to use PCEFI as bootloader. Will the Chameleon bootloader ruin my installation? Thanks in advance for the reply. Cheers, Chad