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  1. 10.8.2 Final! (C54)

    Upgraded from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 (12c60) flawlessly. Changes FakeSMC.Kext with the one from Kozlek (Thanks to Maroder and Kozlek. Roll back for audio was necessary. Edit info.plist of HD3000 kexts to get full HD (1920 x 1200)
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon, Many thanks. USB is back. Still no restart but this is OK. Thanks a lot for your help. Philby
  3. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey Maldon, System is booting fine with the dsdt you built. I have remove openhaltrestart.kext and Nullcpupowermanagement?.kext. But USB is not operational. As keyboard and mouse are USB I am stuck. I was not able to test if the restart works. I put back the previous dsdt in the mean time. Any advice? What need to be changed in the DSDT to allow USB? Thanks for your help. Philby. Edition Here is the run_me file of my system send_me.zip
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    yes it does. does it change anything to the dsdt? Something may be relevant. The shutdown process is working but is taking much longer than before on SL. Something about 25 secons th shut the system down. Thanks anyway for the file. philby
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi Maldon, I read a lot of article on how to patch dsdt. But I am stuck with my restart and sleep mode. Currently I am running Lion (base on Verdant Tutorial) My Mobo is an "uncommon" Asus P5N E SLI chipset is nforce650i bios is version 1406. Thanks for your help. Philby dsdt.philby2530.dsl.zip
  6. Hi Verdant, When I add or remove a kext, I always run Kext utility before rebooting. I have downloaded the last version Lion compatible. This is what I have always done. Isn't it enough? Do I have to go through the command line to get the permissions re-instated? But I realize today a strange thing : the kexts stored in E/E were not reported in the system report/software/extentions. So I moved them in S/L/E. This time they are listed. I retried the different configuration the Evoreboot from you package, OpenHaltReboot 64 bits. I even tried a DSDT for my MOBO proposed by Maldon. The shutdown works. But not the restart neither the sleep. Based on what you said, I will restore SL 10.6.6, disconnect the Lion disc from the Mobo and retry to get it. I'll keep you posted. Philippe
  7. Dear Verdant, You're right. Should have thought it myself. First my config. Asus P5N e SLI Mobo with Core 2 Duo E2220, 6 gb corsair memory Bios : 1406 with Nforce 650 Gainward Nvidia9500 GT 1 GB 3 IDE HDD + 2 SATA pionneer DVD RW on IDE Edited DSDT file to avoid the CMOS reset problem (attached) Scanner Epson V600 photo Printer Brother hl 1030 (using the hl1460 driver) with a network adapter Axis Office Basic What's working: System OK: No crash after 4 days (pretty intensive use) Memory: SL 10.6.7 was only working with 2 x 1GB of memory. Lion is working fine with 6 Gb (2 x 1 Gb + 2 x 2 Gb) Graphics : 1920x1200x32 Enabled through Chameleon and org.chameleon.boot.plist (attached) (27' Hanns-G monitor on HDMI) (translucent menu bar) Network: fully functional on MOBO Sound: working with VoodooHDA 0.2.62. Sound level is correct (was low on SL). Input level from MIC and Line In are correct. USB: functional Scanner : functional Netwrok printer: functional Belkin BT dongle F8T017 functional OOB Shutdown: functional (I had to use an old EvoReboot to make it work) All the softwares I have installed so far are working. (Aperture, Office 2008, Photoshop Elements 9, Ilife 11) Not tested Ieee1394 Wifi : no wifi card as my house is wired in every room. What's not working: Sleep : was not working either on SL. Not a major issue. Restart: was working on SL but not on Lion. A bit more a concern but that's life. Unless you have a solution. I hope this is exhaustive enough. Thanks again for sharing and your great work. Philby BTW, How can I buy Lion on Appstore as I am told it's already installed? Do I have to start install again from SL? I have used you're USB stick method. Philby.zip
  8. Hi Verdant, Many thanks for your great and detailed tutorial. My Lion install is working great. Now that I know it is working fine, I'll buy from Appstore. Regards, Philby
  9. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I am not new here. I read and read the different forums of this site for many month and years. I have build my first leopard 10.5.8 system based on the IPC OSx86 distro. Then with Iportable I moved to Snow until version 10.6.6. I was never able to upgrade to a higher version. And yesterday I installed Lion which is working fine. Working so well that I have decide to "buy" the soft from AppStore. 25€ is really worthwhile when you compare with the price of Seven. Long life to insanelymac. Philby