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  1. The original post says, "Continue until "Custom Install on Snow Leopard" and select #####" ... Can someone tell me what the ##### used to be? Now it just goes another website.
  2. well done! With your success, maybe I'll consider getting a SSD drive for my laptop since I won't be using sleep. Then, I will decide if I just leave it on or shutdown. The SSD should speed up startup.
  3. Any Idea with Geforce G210M

    Sorry to revive such an old post, but is this saying that if I don't mind booting OS X from an external flash drive or HD, then this work for me? I wonder if this works with Lion too. Since sleep doesn't work, with Lion I can usually restart my computer with all my apps already open, which is why I want sleep to work so much.
  4. Problem with Projector

    Hi, Can you share how you've gotten your UL30VT to work with Lion? I was only partly successful in getting SL to work on mine. I could not get qe/ci, and it wouldn't sleep. I was also using an external wifi adapter.
  5. Does "working perfectly" include sleep/wake?
  6. The ul30vt, ul50vt, and ul80vt are siblings with the same insides but differing screen sizes. Thus, I think doing the post installation on these should be similar. The initial installation is not hard. I've had success with the myhack method, which uses the retail DVD. I also succeeded with iatkos s3 v2, but I believe in using the retail disks. My install was 10.6.0, and I used Apple combo update to get to 10.6.6. For the post installation, I've been using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. So far, this is what I have: works: 1360 x 768 resolution wired ethernet (Atheros driver) wireless (using airlink101 AWLL5088, a tiny usb adapter. 10.6 drivers) keyboard, trackpad usb not working: qe/ci sleep/wake I would write a guide, but you don't want to follow my methods. I probably have a hybrid 10.6.6 system now since my solution to resolving kernel panics was to copy over my backups of the /S/L/Extensions and /Extra directory. So, most of my system is 10.6.6, but my those two directories are not. Credit goes to the author of the ul50vt entry. I just wish I could contact him/her to find out how to get qe/ci to work ... More details in a post coming soon.
  7. ASUS UL80VT

    have you gotten sleep/wake and qe/ci to work? I have a ul30vt, which is just a smaller ul80vt, and that's one thing I would like to have working? I have the 210m working, but the qe/ci isn't.
  8. Snow Leopard on on Asus UL30

    Later, I booted with '-v', and it stalls at 'Waiting for root device', so it doesn't seem to have the driver ... When I changed it back to "Enhanced", I am able to boot just fine into SL, but it's at 1024x768. That at least tells me that my installation is working but just needs to be tweaked. Am I missing a SATA driver somehow?
  9. Snow Leopard on on Asus UL30

    I just tried an iatkos s3 v2 install, and it isn't working for me ... I have set my SATA to "compatible", and I partitioned my drive into 2 extended/journaled partitions with MBR. In iatkos, I chose ps/2 and battery as someone else had suggested, and the install seemed to work. i wasn't paying attention to it, and when I checked it, it looked like it had rebooted back to the installer. So, I unplugged my dvd drive and restarted. It eventually came up with the black screen telling me that I had to restart by holding down the power button. The next restart now just shows a circle with a line through it, as if it couldn't find a startup drive. Is there a flag I should have used in the beginning or now?
  10. UL30VT on 10.6.6

    Hi, It looks like you're one of the most recent postings anywhere for the UL30VT. I just got mine last week, and I'm just now finding the time to install SL. I'm installing via iatkos as I write this. Did you switch your SATA setting to "Compatible" at any point? I've read in other forums about doing this for the 210m to work in full resolution, and I think also qe/ci. What did the x3100 do for you? Thanks.
  11. New dv5-2074dx i3 330M with Intel HD graphics ... would like to try the beta
  12. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    doh! Are they Alps? oops. nevermind then =(
  13. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests PART II

    Synaptics released Gesture Suite drivers. Will this help us get better trackpad functionality? http://www.synaptics.com/about/press/press...erating-systems
  14. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I wanted to print something today, so I let the system add the driver for my Canon IP3000 printer. It downloaded a file and got to the end of the installation process before hanging on the "registering" part. By now, the iStat CPU was 100% and the process was "kextd". I tried to kill it by getting the id in "top", but it just respawned. At that point, I forced a shutdown with the power button. Upon restarting, it spews out multiple screens of "loading .... plist ..." info. This all came before the normal "verbose" output. It finally hangs at after saying something about "airport". So, I am guessing I have kext problems and more. What's the best way to resolve the problem if I cannot even boot. I am running HF1 now.
  15. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    I really miss having true trackpad and also one that doesn't seem so jumpy. I was reading about the Mobile Air Mouse app (http://www.mobileairmouse.com/support.html) for the iphone. Would this work well on the Mini as like a magic mouse? Can the trackpad be easily toggled on/off for when I want to use the air mouse app? Has anyone tried the app?