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  1. GMA X4500

    GUYS I HAVE A {censored} BREAKTHROUGH!!!! I GOT QE/CI WORKING ON MY TOSHIBA WITH THE 4500GMA I will be making a tut on how to do it soon, it is very hard. Problems: -Java crashs it -Imovie fc's at random -SLOOOOOWWWW render times for final cut Working: Transparent dock 3D About this mac shows QE/CI is functioning, this is not tested on 10.6 Hang tight guys, it took me ages. DO NOT TRY IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING Step One: Download the attached kext Step Two: Add it to your extras folder Step Three: Add this for gfx0 to your dsdt I DID NOT MAKE THE KEXT, IT WAS MADE BY A FELLOW CALLED DOMINECO ON THE TORRENTLEACH FORUMS. I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR HIS WORK. x4500_Hacked__Dominico_.kext.zip
  2. I have been here for 3 years, it seems the same as it always has. I love OSX, I hate the pricetag. Is osx86 dying or just this forum? You guys need to cheer up, IM is a great place, I dont feel its dying.
  3. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    I get this at random times
  4. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    I got wifi working, Working: Wifi, USB, ATI X1200 QE/CI WORKS! Not working: Webcam, Sound Only crashed once when I was using ATIinject A21X-7705
  5. Can someone link me to it, I get lost when I follow the links on the forums. Please and thanks
  6. CPU temperature in iStat

    I'm confuzed, where is the download?
  7. Hi all, I'm new for this Hackintosh.

    In chamelion boot with -v and tell us what you see.
  8. OSX86 Or ubuntu

    Just worried one day I will get up and my hackintosh wont boot.
  9. OSX86 Or ubuntu

    Im fed up with windows, period. I like to play games. OSX86 is supported by my computer almost 100% What should I do?
  10. I hear my mic though my speakers. When I talk I'm using the newest voodoohda, rear pink panel. How can I stop this?
  11. So, I installed snow leopard with windows 7. Now when I try to boot windows 7 I get a bsod, im guessing its from ahci switch. Anyways, after I reinstall windows how would I renable chamelion?
  12. If you could post it that would be great
  13. When you get to that message insert a USB stick and it should fix it Only when you are at the installation.
  14. OS X won't boot?

    add all these flags bootratio=20 maxmem=2048 cpuratio=21 -v -f
  15. OS X won't boot?

    Boot with -v for starters