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  1. Hello guys.... sorry for saying this, but i no longer support this script.... too many things going on at my real life... You all can feel free to make any change to the code.... []s hippiex
  2. XFX 7300GS

    ok guys... here is more info about my problem... ive checked the boot messages and as i could see the natit driver is load during the process but somehow soon after the NATIT load messages i get a msg saying: Mar 10 05:14:28 leos-computer kernel[0]: Graphics chip error! Restarted. .... and keep looping on that.. Any idea?
  3. XFX 7300GS

    Hello there, somehow my 7300GS is not working 100%... ive tried to install both versions (.01 and .02) and i could get dual display but only when booting in safe mode (-x). When i try to boot it normal with version .02 i get my 2 screens mirrored but running with a VGA driver and when i try with version .01 i got dual display but all my desktop is messed up with something that i think is on the video card cache memory (lots of crazy cutted images) the only visible thing is the mouse pointer (i also can see some windows and dock but they seems to be shadowed) to fix that i need to logout (dont know the key shortcut so i need to click on apple and shot the logout option which i know its in the end) from my own user (osx is set to autologin) and during the logout process the video card does a kind of screen refresh which *FIX* everything (but no QE nor CI) and brings me the LOGON app then i have to log back in with the same account and everything works... Ive tryied to disable the autologon but the error still there... i just have no idea about what to do.. the weird part is that it works fine in safe mode. Someone knows what should i do to fix that? Thanks, hippiex
  4. Hello guys.. sorry for not answering before... but ive being really busy @work. B-Chan: Are you using a AMD processor? e-rick: maybe the diff date could be related to the date he compiled the kernel for his release... but ill check if theres something wrong... Tommorrow ill post what i found. Regards, hippiex
  5. Hello, thats strange.... to fix it, open your terminal and type: "sudo cp /mach_kernel.old /mach_kernel" (without quotes). Now tell me about what you did so we can find out what happend because u r the first one to have problem with the update script. regards, hippie
  6. Ive checked what could be wrong, then unfortunately my server is offline. By monday it should be okay again. We need mirrrors... Regards, hippie
  7. Hello B512, you cannot run the script? Or it hangs on a specific part? Could give me more details? I have coded a new version that has some fixes, including the fix to download the latest kernel from my webpage because semthex has changed his link. So by now we shouldnt have any problems. regards, hippiex
  8. Hello Dussel, Sure it is possible, ill code it on monday (coz weekends r the girlfriend day :-) ). Keep watching the thread ... []s hippiex
  9. M-Audio FW1814

    Just wondering, have u configured your M-AUDIO to be your default audio output? (/Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup) []s hippiex
  10. Hey Prasys, im glad u liked it... please let me know if you have any idea for the script. I was coding the connection check, but when i was coding it i tought that it is not necessary because the download function (curl) will report any error (including a connect problem). Tonight ill release another version... []s hippiex
  11. Thank you for the advice, it is now fixed + it now allow users upgrading from 8.4.1 to use it as well (more info on notes ) Thanks again =) -- hippiex
  12. It was added to the script, please download it again. Remember to configure it ( read the notes on the first post ) [] hippiex
  13. Hi Dussel, sure, ill work on it as soon as i get home.. keep watching the thread Cheers, hippiex
  14. Hello there, i just want to let u guys know that ive made some changes/improovments to the Prasys script. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35004 cheers, hippiex
  15. Please download the pkg again... There were 1 error on it. now it is fixed. []s hippiex