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  1. Are you using Chameleon? Clover doesn't use org.Chameleon.Boot.plist for it's configuration.
  2. All I did was remove the MSR write instruction when it writes to the 0xE2 register. This is how it's always been done, so it shouldn't cause any problems with your CPU's clock frequency. Are you using a SSDT table for the CPU states? What CPU are you using?
  3. Let me know how this one works. Haven't tested it myself, but it'll probably work I assume you'll need to rebuild the kernel cache after installing it due to how 10.10 is.
  4. LakeTiny Feature and Improved Batterylife (Haswell Only)

    Thanks! I was just curious about the modifications that you made to the bios rom. I've worked extensivley with Insyde bios before, but I haven't looked at any Aptio bios yet I wish I could help you confirm the battery life improvements, but I don't own a UX301LA board
  5. LakeTiny Feature and Improved Batterylife (Haswell Only)

    Awesome job! And impressive results Would you mind posting the bios you modded? I'd be interested in taking a look at it
  6. Though I had finally isolated the bluetooth id check. Well I guess the previous method is good enough Anyhow, reuploaded the last version. Thanks a lot to Smith@@ and Maverick for testing all these mods
  7. Hey everyone. I know the last bios were working fine, but I wasn't very satisfied with the way I modded it. It's still skipping a large portion of code because I haven't been able to isoate the exact location of the bluetooth whitelist. Here's one more to try. Turns out it was comparing each individual byte of all whitelisted bluetooth id's to the id of the bluetooth device currently being used. So it would compare all possible acceptable values for the first bytes to that on the card, then it would do the same for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th byte. I thought it was comparing the entire id at once like how the wifi whitelist was implemented. The actual code looks really werid and very hard to identify that it's a bluetooth whitelist, but I guess the compiler decided it was more optimal that way This is probably the last I'm ever going to work with the sp55068 bios. If this one doesn't work then I'll reuplod the old version @nhcsaba Why can't you set the resolution in the theme's theme.plist?
  8. Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. Here's the latest mod. If this one doesn't fix the issues then I'm back to square one @Maverick Thanks for putting my blog in your signature You guys are so awesome!
  9. Here's a new one to test. Instead of avoiding a large chunck of code, I just remvoe the calls to the functions that call the whitelists checks. Let me know if it works
  10. Thanks for adding my website to your signature I always appreciate when people do that! I didn't even notice that about the urls. turns out that when I upload new files I usually replace the old url with the previously existing one so that my mediafire account doesn't get cluttered up. So the resulting file has the exact same url as before. This is in fact a different bios than the one you tested
  11. Nope, this is a different mod I made for those bios. Managed to isolate the general location bluetooth whitelist, so I just change the code to avoid ever going there. It's much clearner that how I was doing things before. Also your not the guy I was refering to This person was someone else who was bothering me about the bluetooth whitelist for a few months. He said it was ok if I bricked his laptop, which is why I had him test it first. No sure why he never replied I said it hasn't been tested yet, so your the first person to report any problems The way I'm removing the whitelists is quite different that the normal way to approach it, so I expected there to be some strange side effects. I'll reupload another bios soon for you to test.
  12. I did make one with both the wifi and bluetooth whitelists removed, but the guy I made it for never got back to me. If anyone wants to try it, then let me know if it works. Just be aware that this is untested so it might result in a brick
  13. This topic got derailed so quickly I've actually been working on a MyHack/Pandoras Box/[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]/Kakewalk open source alternative for Linux for a few months. Hoping to have it done in a couple of weeks, so if anyone's interested in testing it then get in contact with me
  14. I'm in suspense too. Schools been taking up a lot of my free time latley, so we'll just have to be in suspense for a little bit longer @AeroXLR Thanks for adding my blog into your signature! Describes it very well
  15. Clover General discussion

    @Slice That sounds right, that's why you've got to make sure it's the one with the same sequence exactly 0x24 bytes ahead of it. Gsly's code in the kernel_patcher.c can easily be changed to incoporate merverick's lapic patch. Here's what he did for the 64 bit mountain lion patch: if (bytes[i+0] == 0x65 && bytes[i+1] == 0x8B && bytes[i+2] == 0x04 && bytes[i+3] == 0x25 && bytes[i+4] == 0x14 && bytes[i+5] == 0x00 && bytes[i+6] == 0x00 && bytes[i+7] == 0x00 && bytes[i+35] == 0x65 && bytes[i+36] == 0x8B && bytes[i+37] == 0x04 && bytes[i+38] == 0x25 && bytes[i+39] == 0x14 && bytes[i+40] == 0x00 && bytes[i+41] == 0x00 && bytes[i+42] == 0x00) { patchLocation = i+30; ... So just add something like: ... else if (bytes[i+0] == 0x65 && bytes[i+1] == 0x8B && bytes[i+2] == 0x04 && bytes[i+3] == 0x25 && bytes[i+4] == 0x1C && bytes[i+5] == 0x00 && bytes[i+6] == 0x00 && bytes[i+7] == 0x00 && bytes[i+36] == 0x65 && bytes[i+37] == 0x8B && bytes[i+38] == 0x04 && bytes[i+39] == 0x25 && bytes[i+40] == 0x1C && bytes[i+41] == 0x00 && bytes[i+42] == 0x00 && bytes[i+43] == 0x00) { patchLocation = i+31;