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  1. Project: Mac Daddy

    Have you seen these?
  2. GA-P55M-UD2 Wake on LAN

    Has anyone had any luck getting the WOL function working on the ud2?
  3. How long are you waiting before rebooting? double check that HPET SUPPORT is ENABLED and in 64-BIT MODE under power management. it will take a minute to start up the first time. double check your BIOS and try again. Wait at LEAST 3-4 minutes before giving up and rebooting.
  4. all looks good. go check out tonymacx86's forum/blog. There's a lot of great info there and a very easy guide for the P55 boards there
  5. no problem. I would hate to order all that and have none of it be compatible. what is your primary use for the computer (other then bragging rights in crysis)? ATI is a whole other realm that I have no idea about. I do know that the highest apple supported ATI card is the 4870 and the 5xxx are a pain to get working. I know people have the 285's running and I am sure that with the wealth of resources here, that there is a guide on how to get one working. I haven't seen anyone successfully get two cards running in SLI in OSX, but, I know there is a way to boot into OS X with both cards in (it's somewhere on this forum, just don't remember where), but most of the time you need to take out one of them. You could go ahead and get the fermi for windows and a cheap 8800 or 9400 for OSX and wait for native support on the Fermi (only thing is that you have to switch out the cards between OS's. I've heard of people getting the Fermi's to work, but again, I'm not sure. search the forum.
  6. I see a couple of problems here. 1.) I know a GTX 280 can run with some tinkering, but the highest end nVidia card that is completely supported already in OSX is the GTS 250. If you want a fermi card, then you will most likely have to wait for a mac pro refresh from Apple. 2.) your CPU and motherboard are not made for each other. If you want to go the way of the i5 then you need a board with a 1156 socket and P55 chipset. I would suggest a GA-P55M-UD2 or GA-P55-UD4. Both are very supported right now. If you want to X58 chipset, you need an i7-920 or up (not the 860 or 870) to match the socket in the board. 3.) For either of the two options above, you need DDR3 RAM, not DDR2. i would suggest 4 GB (2 x 2GB) for the i5 and 6 GB (3 x 2 GB) for the i7 to take advantage of the dual and triple channel memory of each chipset. 4.) This is minor, but people have been having weird issues with LG DVD drives (random spin-ups) so look at a Sony Operatic DVD drive (i have this one, works great) My build came in at right around $1000, so if the room is in the budget go for the board you have listed and an i7-920, a decent case, and an after market cooler. Here's a quick Newegg list to get you going in the right direction.
  7. Download button

    if it opens in the browser, right click, "Save to Downloads," "Save as..." then it will go to where ever you saved it. the fact that is open means they can DL it.
  8. as lon as you have DDR3, triple channel RAM, your good. just read up on what is the most reliable.
  9. for me W7 is more of a utility OS. I have it on a separate HDD and us it to update hardware stuff like firmware. I'e also been using it recently to run emulators. I just can't let go of the N64...
  10. you could go for the best of both worlds: get a GA-P55-UD2 and an i7 860. I currently have my i5 at 3.3GHz with an AC Freezer 7 Pro. I can get to 3.46 GHz, but i like the temps I'm at now. The i7 860 would be good for video because of the hyper-threading and i think it's only about $30 more then the i5 750. Also this mobo is supported very well here and at tonymac's site.
  11. most likely not... wait until apple starts popping these into MacPros before trying to install OSX. they are $999 USD. too much. I'll wait.
  12. Need optimized Mac Mouse

    I've been wanting one of these sense the day they came out. We currently have the previous generation one (pen only), but multi-touch in Photoshop would be *amazing*. I might have to cough up the $80-$90 to get it next quarter.
  13. I wouldn't know what to tell you there, but from reading around, Gigabyte boards are very well supported. If you're thinking of upgrading just for the USB 3.0, just get a PCI card, they run about $40 right now. If you really want a new MB then you may as well sink the money into an 1156/i5 combo. I've seen gigabyte boards that have USB 3.0 and are fully running SL (minus the functionality of the 3.0).
  14. from what I'v heard, USB 3.0 is not supported at the moment because of the lack of native support, but I have read that a 3.0 port will operate as 2.0 until there is native support for it from apple.
  15. new build

    you already have a topic with all this info. please don't double post