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  1. I had the same issue with keyboard only and no mouse. I deleted the ApplePS2controller and ACPIPS2Nub kexts, then installed the VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg onto the “Snow” HD. I did not have to edit my original Leopard10.5.5 VMX configuration. I have a Core2Duo T5200 CPU without VT-x. It is sluggish but working following Zenith432’s guide. Successful Snow Leopard 10.6 on a non-VT-x, running Vmware7.0 on Windows7.
  2. It is working at 1400x900 but periodically, I get panic kernels at startup and at shut down. After a few reboots, it seems to be fine. Any remedy ideas you could suggest? Thanks. Update: Just followed the link above by Dong and used the 10/28/09 RadeonHD.kext. Full 1440x900 without panics. Thanks Dong.
  3. Confirmed working at 1400x900 on Inspiron9400 with ATI X1400. I just installed iAtkos v7 and installed the two kexts mentioned above. By the way, great work by the author of the modified kexts! I did notice some mouse tearing. The fix is to install "Mouse Locator v 1.1". Just follow this link for instructions and downloads: (http://silvertang.site90.net/mousetear.html). Don't forget to place the MouseLocator.png file in your pictures folder. Good luck.