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  1. Hello Everyone, I am wondering if it is possible to start movie playback on the AppleTV from the command line. For example, if I connect to my AplleTV via SSH, can I tell BackRow (or its built in QuickTime player) to start playing a certain local video file? I can do this on my Mac by calling "QuickTime Player.app" with the movie file as a parameter. But I don't know how this could be done on the AppleTV. Once I know how to start the playback, I believe I can stop it by simply killing the process. I don't need to control the playback or fiddle with it. All I need is to start it and then maybe stop it. Here's what I plan to use this for. AppleTV installed in a public place at my work, connected to a big screen TV. I can upload files, say daily videos of advertisements, news, etc. Then playback of this daily video would start automatically once the system is up and running, without the need of somebody walking out there with the remote and start playback every day. Also, if during the day I want to change the video file being played, I could connect via SSH and kill the current playback, change the video file and start playing again. But how could I start playback from the command line (from a script or from and SSH shell)? I am interested in any solution, let that be VLC, MPlayer, or the factory BackRow/QTPlayer. If you have a suggestion, please let me know!