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  1. Pennan, I would like to duplicate your setup as this setup is almost exactly what I want to do. Would you mind posting a guide as to why you chose the parts you did and how you went about installing the OS. From one of your posts it seems like you went with the EX58-UD5... is this the best hackintosh i7 compatible Motherboard? An 850W power supply, 22x Samsung dvd drive and a core i7 920? I would greatly appreciate it if you could write up all the components you chose, installation of hardware and eventual installation of OSX. I am completely new to this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Broken Jack, Thanks for replying here, I've read your thread and watched both of your youtube video's. I think you may be my primary reason for making me decide to do this. I have always wanted to build a hackintosh but thought it was for the geeks who know what they're doing. I hope to prove that wrong as you have as well. Ok based on your suggestion I could invest some of that money allotted for a 3.2 on a 2.6 chip plus a really good cooling system. By your estimation money would be better spent on a 2.6 overclocked and better cooling? I think I remember reading one member had stability issues with an overclocked chip. When I have time I will post my proposed system and you guys can tell me what you think. One thing I do want to try is dual boot, OpenSolaris and 10.6.2 OSX. Thanks.
  3. Hello Folks, You can call me MisterFuzzbuster, which isn't my real name but we can still be friends, I just don't want apple to know who I am. Anyways I recently purchased an iMac, exchanged it for a new one because of sound quality issues, got my new iMac home which also had issues with yellow areas on the screen. Sorry Apple, I'll take my chances doing it myself. My problem is I'm new to this, I haven't touched the inner workings of a computer in a while. In exchange for help from forum members I will provide a DIY guide to building a high end Hackintosh and Photos documenting hardware installation and the process of installing multiple OSes. My budget is around $2000-$2500 for the box and all its internals and around $1000 for the monitor. The computer will be used for CS4 the complete suite, Video Editing, and Voice Over/Audio work. The sound card must be top notch, the video card should be above average in quality and ability. From forum posts it seems like Gigabit is the way to go with the Motherboard and Intel chips as processor. Core i7 960 3.2 GHz processor too. Single core only. So besides the most compatible Gigabit motherboard for OSX and the Core i7 960 what else do you recommend? This will be a primary computer also, so reliability is a top concern too. Let me know what you think. I have reviewed the compatibility list, but I also want quality and reliability so I will have to rely more on personal experiences. Thanks. MisterFuzzbuster
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    Hackintosh Pro Build

    Dear TomCom, Are you aware of any high end Mac's in a similar or exact configuration to the one you created below? A smart very high-end hackintosh configuration would be something like this: • EX58-UD5 • Core i7 960 @ 3,2GHz (600$) • Noctua NH-D14, Thermalright IFX-14 + 2 fans (or watercooling) • 12 GB of DDR3 @ 2000MHz • Intel X25-M Postville SSD drive(s) • EVGA GTX 285 • Corsair HX 750W I am looking to build a highly compatible high end, single core hackintosh, with dual boot capabilities. I'm looking to run Snow Leopard on one hard drive and either OpenSolaris or Fedora on the other, and I'm basically completely new to all this, but I know what I want so I guess that's half the battle. I have reviewed your compatibility charts and will again, but I'm looking to spend no more than $2000.00 and I want to build the most compatible system possible. I will be using it for CS4 Master Suite, basically all the adobe programs, video editing, and voice recording, with music playback too. I think I might want to add a sound card and a firewire card. Since I will be relying on the help of the members of this board, that is if you want to help me, I will in turn help the community by creating a step by step, with photographs, guide for novices. Maybe you won't have to answer so many questions repeatedly if you have a DIY guide for a higher level functioning system. Oh and this will be my primary computer so it will need to be reliable. Am I asking too much here? Maybe I should have started a new thread. Thanks in advance. Oh and I forgot to mention, I am here in the first place because I just returned two iMacs with separate issues. Sorry but I think I'll take my chances building it myself Apple.