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  1. BT is Atheros, same is Wifi. I will check Thunderbolt tomorrow at the studio, I don't have any thunderbolt at home.
  2. Intel 82579V, its a GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Mobo It also has BT 4.0, will that work as well? And do you think the thunderbolt would work? the chip is Intel DSL3510L, and it has 2 thunderbolt ports on the back.
  3. I tested it last night, left it on, sleep function works like a charm after 24hrs it went back on with no problem, usb3 works, wifi works, couldn't try the thunderbolt ports though, but I will very soon and I shall let you know. On to the next build Thanks a lot EDIT: Lan seems to be dead, not visible in system preferences nor in "about this Mac"
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, here are my files: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/euh5uGqD/file.html Do you want me to list my specs? i noticed that your "runme" app collects all the data you need, right?
  5. Hey Maldon, for some weird reason i cant attach the files on here, can i upload them anywhere else and send you a link?
  6. the files you just sent resulted in a very slow boot with a black screen at the end, my files were ok. I'll try to change SMBIOS back to 13.1 Edit 1: SMBIOS 13,1 also is slow and results in black screen after boot.
  7. Hello sir, Sorry i didn't reply to you earlier, but when you said that my problem was my HD5770 i was confused cause on my old rig i have the same GFX card. However, i managed to get it up and running, i'm on El Captain though as my music applications work best under this OS. Current setup is: Asus Sabertooth p67, i7 2600K, 16GB ram, HD5770 1GB, Crucial 275GB ssd with El Captain, and an extra Seagate HDD for data. I managed to instal using a bunch of guides on here (not this one) but all with your contribution, not surprised , i snatched a dsdt you made to a random post on here about sleep, and it worked after i changed a bunch of things, sleep works fine, although it drops network and i have to go to system preferences, usb3 is not working though. here is the files you requested, keep in mind i'm on El Captain. Thanks Send me Gasers-iMac.zip
  8. Hey MaLd0n, I've lately been trying to switch my brother's old gaming rig into a hackitosh for music production, but i either forgot how to, or something is very strange... The specs are as follows: MB: Asus Sabertooth p67 (bios 3602) CPU: i7 2600 GFX: AMD HD5770 I tried all the guides i could find, but non worked!
  9. Thanks again, i shall give it a try later tonight and let you know how it goes with bench scores. Keep an eye on your 775 El Capitan guide, i shall upgrade my old machine as soon as this one is up and running
  10. Hey MaLd0n, Awesome guide, thank you so much, here are my clover files+ACPI+IORegistry. My specs are the following: Mobo: GA-Z270-HD3P Rev 1.0 Bios F7 CPU: i5 7500 GFX: Gigabyte GT 1030 OC 2GB Ram: 1x16GB Storage: Kingston SSD 120GB for system and i will throw in another 2TB HDD as soon as I'm done with the system setup I installed El Captain 1st and then upgraded using the app store so that i can have the final update of Sierra with kabylake support, after installing Sierra, i removed fakeCPU ID, and changed my smbios to 18,2 as that specific model uses the same CPU that i have at the moment, so i don't really understand, do i need any PM hacks, or is my CPU OOB? Here are the files you requested, can't wait to have this beast up and running, I've been on 10.8.5 on a C2Q Q6600 for the past couple of years.... lol (might upgrade it to El Captain using your other guide Send to Maldon.zip
  11. Crypt0_Manic

    New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    I'm thinking of buying 5 or 10 of these babies and hooking my friends up! but i'm afraid of customs.... unfortunately, i live in Egypt.
  12. I believe this is a cosmetic hack only.... right? If not, what are its benefits??