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  1. MAJ, It was with the BIOS drive selector, specifically turned off all the UEFI settings to no avail. I had to create the Disk with another program and do my initial install with that. I'm going to try booting to the drive I made with your script after I got in to see if it was just a bad build or what I'll keep you posted. Edit: Just booted into it with no errors, no clue what the problem was before but it doesnt seem to be an issue still.
  2. DD Just wanted to make a few notes on my jump to maverick attempt. I tried creating the bootable USB with the script and for whatever reason could not get around the Boot0 error when I tried booting to the stick. That said that was the only thing that didn't work for me, I'm currently on my freshly created Hac on my new MB. Manual sleep working (haven't tried autosleep), networking working, audio working, cpu power management working... all with only 3 Kexts, FakeSMC, AppleHDA and HDAEnabler1 for 898 audio. No DSDT required, and no KP's 3 hours in. Once I was in, I used your script to do all the heavy lifting and help me clean up. Thanks as always for the awesome script, great work.
  3. I'll be giving this a run this week, my old raid drives SMART Errored out, so I only have my one backup boot disk( which was setup for my old board (duh) that I didnt make the necessary changes to for the new board before the swap... Luckily I have a buddy with a MacBook that I'm gonna use to set up a new boot thumb drive and will just go fresh install, and recover my files from my Time Machine setup. If I hit any snags not related to the different hardware I'll let you know, from what I'm seeing should be pretty easy to get her up and running, especially with your scrips MAJ, with minimal extras. Thanks again MAJ for the time and effort you put into this beast of a script for those of us with much less coding skills than you. Jeff
  4. MAJ glad to see you're still working your magic. I just upgraded to a Haswell CPU and Z87X chipset board, still gonna use your script as it does a lot of the heavy lifting but from what I'm reading should be a lot easier than the older boards. Thank you again for all the help you've given us over the years, keep up the good work
  5. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Following along, very interested, my 3 year old board is ready for an upgrade...subscribed to the email newsletter too, great work thus far guys.
  6. Virus, you just solved my last issue with ML :-) I can now get back to using my Hac with all its old regularity... thank you very much.
  7. Hey VirusX, start up after... isnt checked, I did have ethernet access checked I'll see if that changes anything....
  8. Hey everyone, I'm in need of your smarts. Everything is working great in ML 10.8.1 except for 1 thing, sleep/wake. I have the patched RTC installed, and didn't have any issues with sleep in Lion. When I put the computer to sleep with button or view menu, the comp goes to sleep no problem (so I am thinking) but when I wake it up, via mouse, keyboard or other I restart as if the computer was shutdown. I'm not exactly sure whats going on since it worked great in Lion. I'm using CruiSAr's patched DSDT, with only Fakesmc, AppleRTC, and ionetworking kext's. All are installed in S/L/E. I'd post my system log but I for lie life of me cant remember where the sleep command is posted to the log. Any help is much appreciated, it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this specific issue, so I'm asking the experts for help. Thanks Guys, Jeff
  9. Hey Cold I'm right there with you, probably the same DSDT, CruiSAr's from a few years back. Its been working great, but doesn't appear to be too happy with M/L, I could be wrong, but I think DD's script now implements a lot of the same edits that Charles did. DD out of curiosity does your DSDT patcher allow for native power management? If I recall you are running pretty close to vanilla OSX.
  10. Hey Guys its been a while, made the bump to ML and everything is working great except for sleep. I've got a DSDT thats edited for sleep without sleepenabler, and I've tried both the latest AppleRTC and a patched version from 10.6.3 which was supposed to work, but havent had any luck. Has anyone else had sleep issues after making the move to ML? I tried searching the post install but doesn't seem to have anything thats helped me thus far, thought I might ask those who have similar boards and setups. Great script DD, I cant believe how inclusive it is, thank you for all your hard work. Jeff
  11. Hey Maj I just updated to the latest script and Chameleon build, 1684 I think. When I did this the scrip worked beautifully renamed all the original boot.plists, no problem. I am now however getting an issue with my raid setup. When I try to boot into it my Hdd cant redirect to the internal OSX raid. I've check that the UUID is correct in the boot.plist but still no luck, have you had any issues like this before? Any ideas for solutions? UPDATE... well it would appear that deep down in the recesses of the com.-.plists I had an old UUID sitting around that kept misdirecting the drives when they would load. I changed that allowed OSX to pull the new UUID into the rair boot partition and I'm back up and running... for now, I'm about to bump to 10.7.2
  12. Well I guess I've sat complacent long enough my SL has been running without any hiccups for the past year or so. I'm currently using CruiSAr's DSDT, and have minimum kext's currently. I was wondering if anyone using CruiSAr's DSDT has made the switch over. Also I've been trying to keep up but since I havent installed Lion on my RAID I don't fully get what the main issues are. I have my system boot to my Time Machine drive (which houses a chameleon bootloader) I then select my RAID drive to boot into. I did this to get around the issues Chameleon created with letting a windows computer sleep. Anyways, what are the main issues/things to watch out for? Whats gonna be the easiest way to keep all my current files and then reinstall back onto my RAID?
  13. Hey DD, I know this is not really the place, but I'm running 10.6.7 and I am having to switch from wired ethernet to wifi. I'm wondering if you had any knowledge on which usb or ethernet wifi adaptors worked with our boards. I'm not wanting to do a card, but I would like to get something with N capability. Thanks for the help.
  14. What version of istatmenus are you using? I have been stuck using 3.05 as all the updates after that cause some of the sensors to drop off.
  15. Hey Charles, I saw this in another thread Here lists a few goodies that work with RC5 and GraphicsEnagler=Yes. Sadly they just came out with the 560 and 570, so its probably only a matter of time till they get worked into the mix.