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  1. i found out my problem i`m running osx86 10.4.1..... i`l have to get a later version there`s no way you can install ati radeon x300 under 10.4.1
  2. CREATIVE Live 5.1 on MAC OS X86

    i`ve seen someone on this forum (don`t remember who) using an Audigy 2 ....so i thought it might work also with SB Live!
  3. CREATIVE Live 5.1 on MAC OS X86

    does anyone know how to instal a Creative Live 5.1 sound card???
  4. i have edited ang changed already the port that my card is using....i`ve edited the files exactly as is the installation guide (my card id is 5b 60) ....i`v changed the resolution ....by editing the boot.plist from preferencies....but the card is still not installed and the refresh is still 60hz. i`ll reinstall mac os `cauz i`ve done a reall mess in my system folder ....and i`ll try again. the funny thing is ....with the tv out....i`ve downloaded a driver for mac from ATI`s homepage....it had a installer and that was the only thing it could install... another question. wich is the file used from callisto? callisto.kext or callistoHAL.kext ????
  5. can anyone help me with installing a ATI RADEON X300 PCIExpress ??? i tried the callisto_b008....but i think there are no files for my card....i editet that plist file...and i passed all the steps...but nothing ! stil 1024x768 @60Hz.... i tried it a lot of times ( 6 hours ..) ...still no result. can anyone tell me what files to use to get my card working...???? the only things that worked....was the TVOUT ... and how if the system can`t recognize my card?