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  1. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Guys, please help. Only 2 usb ports works. Tried to follow manual from first post, but I can not find such strings in plist
  2. Thanks! What means dart=0 ?
  3. System goes to reboot after that

    I already fix issue. Launch with nv_disabled=1 and web-driver installed with nvda_drv=1. But now I need to use a VirtualBox (
  4. I installed Mac OS on my PC, but I need to use a Virtualbox. Clover needs to VT-x turned off in BIOS, but Virtualbox does not work without it.
  5. System goes to reboot after that

    Nobody knows? Now I have this with stock config http://imgur.com/a/lpHou
  6. System goes to reboot after that

    Thank you! I will try. I had this two config files. orig - it is stock Clover config (with it I had a panic, with another one - reboot) Unfortunately, AsusAICLUPM did not help ( Screens - http://imgur.com/a/8a7f3 config_plists.zip
  7. Please help me with similar motherboard - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312700-system-goes-to-reboot-after-that/?p=2245187
  8. Core i5-3330. Asus P8H61-M LX3 2.0 Video: GT730; Clover -2.3 r3566 kernel panic with another config, system goes to reboot automaticaly after that screen
  9. Network: nVidia nForce (VEN 10DE, DEV 0373) Sound: SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio (VEN 11D4 ,DEV 198B)
  10. Some minutes ago I successfully installed El capitan to PC with GTX275. But no network and no sound. What should I do next? Thanks
  11. Ok, thanks. I will buy a 730. Now I m trying on another PC with GTX275. And non-uefi MB. I see a grey installation window with language selection but after some time I get a kernel panic "appleintelcpupowermanagement" but in Clover config I has a key AsusAICPUPM = true. Also I tried to replace appleintelcpupowermanagement kext to NullCPUPowerManagement. But still get a panic (
  12. ok, but "Edit: This seems to work with DVI and HDMI only. No VGA. " So, I wish to buy a Nvidia card. I read that 740 is good, but it is an expensive. MB GT710 or GT730? Now I tried on another PC with internal video card. And also stuck at logo and progress bar. (after "bluetooth" error). I followed this guide - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/305255-making-a-10101011-usb-installer-w-clover-uefi-and-legacy-the-correct-way/but I can not modifi config, because it is read-only. And "debug" mode does not enabled after applied terminal command (
  13. I will try thanks! This tool I already downloaded today, but my flash card was not enough. But what about my MB and internal video card. Is it enough?
  14. Thank you so much! I also tried to use a Skylake. But it takes all memory on my 8gb flash card. So I will try another one with 16gb capacity and carefully read your link
  15. Oh..I see. So I will read how to do it correctly