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    El Capitan 10.11 & R9 290X * 2

    So the way I have my system working with dual monitors and 290x is that in my bios I have to set the initial display output to IGFX on my motherboard, see page 52-53 for my motherboard http://download.gigabyte.us/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-z97x-ud3h_e.pdf , this basically enabled the onboard graphics card so if you plug in vga or dvi you will see output, but this is not what you want, you bascially set this setting and plug in your dvi to your graphics card for both monitors, you will not see a boot up screen but eventually osx shows up using your graphics card and both monitors.
  2. gateway69

    R9 290X graphics card, Yosemite and Dual Screen?

    Thank you very much for taking out the time to explain this.. now im a bit frustrated. I have a old GTX 760 that im using for now but the 290X is much more powerful. I hope someone figures out a solution.. I wonder if I just leave inject intel instead of ati it might kick in something.. I guess I could also buy some cheap-o card maybe hmmm..
  3. gateway69

    R9 290X graphics card, Yosemite and Dual Screen?

    Nameless, if you have time I would love to know how you got the 290/X working and what I can try in Clover.
  4. gateway69

    r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Anyone have a 290x working with dual monitors, if so could you explain how you did this. I have clover, and a mb w/o integrated graphics (intel)
  5. gateway69

    Multi Monitors on Yosemite

    Anyone have 290x working in Final Yosemite, I can get one DVI working but the moment I plug in another monitor via dvi both screens go black... Im using Clover
  6. gateway69

    R9 290X graphics card, Yosemite and Dual Screen?

    Kvonlinee, Thanks for the reply, my situation is I do not have integrated graphics on my mother board, its a older board gigabyte ex58-ud5 which runs my core i7 cpu and 290x. Also can you maybe explain what you did to get the card working, I believe what your saying is you found the board id and put it into clover , whats the id, and what part of clover. Also any ideas if I could get dual boot working w/o the onboard graphics card since my mb doesnt have this.. thanks again for your reply I would love to try to solve this.
  7. gateway69

    R9 290X graphics card, Yosemite and Dual Screen?

    Are you saying try this when booting clover? I hadn't heard of such a command for ati cards
  8. gateway69

    R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Anyone have a R9 290X working on the GM version of Yosemite with Dual Monitor support? Its the only thing im not able to get working, the moment I plug in another monitor both screens go black. I have a basic clover config and everything else is working great!
  9. So I finally have my hackintosh all sorted everything is running fine including iMessage (which I had to call in and get unlocked by apple). The only issue I have is that I cannot for the life of my get my R9 290x card to work with dual monitors on the Yosemite release. I have seen a few threads stating that people have the 290 version working but i'm not sure it was on the GM version since things changed it a bit. Right now im running cover with minimal patches (audio, network, smsbios setting for imessage) What happens the moment I plug in my other monitor via the dvi port both screens go black. Anyone with R9 290x, Yosemite Final and Clover have this working if so please explain what you did.
  10. getting this error Volume on disk2s2 renamed to Install_OSX_Yosemite pkgbuild: error: Specified root path "./Create_Install_Media/Install_Media_EFI" does not exist. Password: Sorry, try again. Password: installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '//Users/gateway/Clover_Media_EFI.pkg'. rm: //Users/gateway/Clover_Media_EFI.pkg: No such file or directory logout -rwxrwxrwx@ 1 gateway staff 2049 Nov 1 15:01 CreateMedia_Legacy.Command gatewaysmacpro:~ gateway$ pwd /Users/gateway gatewaysmacpro:~ gateway$ Any ideas?
  11. gateway69

    r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Ill try this on the weekend, been so freaking annoyed with the 290x dual monitor support I might just pick up some nvidia card, or im sure with some time this will get fixed.
  12. gateway69

    App Store signing in issues

    I have the same issue, I was able to use the store for a while, and then yesterday I wanted to update an app and I received this same info.. anyone have a fix or suggestions?
  13. gateway69

    R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    has anyone got dual monitor support working for yosemite and r290x? I have single desktop monitor working with minor annoyance when booting having to unplug and reply in the dvi cable due to flickering.
  14. gateway69

    r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    Now that Yosemite final it out and various people have been playing with it including me.. both with ##### -> multi , and an install of ##### -> clover my card is dected as a 8xxx card or something and ati gl viewer shows the card and open cl is working. The biggest Issue I have is that I can not get dual monitors to work at all and Im wondering if anyone on this thread has found a way yet?