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  1. what can i do~help

    got it~thanks~ its ok now~
  2. what can i do~help

    its my mistake! i adjust the resolution from 1280*768 to 800*600, then it display nothing except mouse how can i do now? reboot, and this problem still exist! can i boot from cd? log in system then modify the file by terminal?
  3. i install 10.4.7 successful, but only can log in it by saft mode(-x) and sound card is not be detected~
  4. it can install now~~i am sorry, it has vga port with my laptop but why it started without logo , just only showed command and can't into system, stop with mouse and gray background
  5. ya~so i would try it tonight! hope it can work thanks a lot
  6. HP DV1000, yes ,it has s-video,but how can i connect it? someone told me , mac os doesn't support my laptop's keyboard or touch pad , so i must use usb kb and use mouse! is it true?
  7. i wonder my laptop don't have this port!
  8. my laptop's hardware:1.73G,DDR1G,915GMA it stop when i install with jas10.4.7,10.4.6,10.4.5,but it works with 10.4.1 it stopped before choosing the language box! no mouse, no harddisk reading , just only blue backgroud. and i reboot , problem also exist. pls help me~thx