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  1. I do own parition magic but does having an extra HD make things easier? I have a spare 8GB for experimentation but am meaning to get a 300GB'er soon. When I get to the stage of knowing what I am doing native, I will give it a try on Virtual PC.
  2. Hi, I'm new here, a bit of background, Apple decided to announce x86 Macs and Windows compatibilty shortly after I bought a G4 Mac mini and a PC. It would be nice to run OS-X, Vista, XP (plus Linux, AROS, Amiga OS 3.9, Sky OS ;-) ) all on one box, and being that I will get peanuts selling my kit, I want to run x86 Tiger on my considerably more powerful PC until I get round to updating my hardware in a few years time (8 core MacPro by then). I have been looking at the wiki and FAQ's on how to do this but I'm probably being a total noob but I still have a few questions. 1. Do I have to dual boot it or can I run it while Windows is running (non-native, virtualised)? 2. If I don't dual boot it what performance can I expect to get? It will be running on a 4800 X2 possibly overclocked. Can it handle Quartz Extreme effects? 3. To run it non-native, what version of VMWare do I need, VM Player, VM Workstation 5.5? 4. Can I use a legal x86 version of Tiger and then patch it or does all of this only work on patched versions from file-sharing sites? 5. Do I have even a remote chance of running OS-X on Virtual PC 2004? I think it pretends to be a BX chipset with a Trio 32/64 graphics card. Best regards.