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  1. Hi all, I'm currently on 10.6.8 with GMA 950 graphics using AppleIntelGMA950 kext 1.6.26 and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer 1.5.30. I have all resolutions possible and QE/CI working so that's not why I'm posting. I was just wondering whether the versions I'm using above are the ideal versions to use. I remember replacing the framebuffer kext to get full resolution working and that there are tons of versions out there (1.4.xx, 1.5.xx, 1.6.xx etc.) and from what I've read some are buggy and some worked better. Anybody have any idea about the different versions of GMA950 and Framebuffer kexts out there and which one works best for my particular device (2772)? I want to get the best possible performance out of this POS graphics card. It can be laggy at times and was wondering whether some versions of the kexts worked better than others. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    Nawcom's blog is back and here's the link! http://blog.nawcom.com/OSInstall_Framework.10.7.2.tar.bz2
  3. Upgrading Snow to Lion

    Hi all, I'm currently on a Compaq Sr5350F Pentium Dual Core running Snow Leopard, vanilla kerner (dual boot with Windows) and am thinking of upgrading it to Lion using the retail app store method. These are the kexts I have installed to get it working properly: Extra AppleACPIPS2nub 1.0.0d1 AppleIntelPIIXATA2 9.9 Disabler 1.0.1 EvOreboot 1.0.3 FakeSMC 3.1.0 IntelCPUMonitor 1.0 LegacyAppleRTC 9.9 SleepEnabler VoodooPS2Controller 1.1.0 S/L/E VoodooPState 1.0.4 AppleAzaliaAudio 1.0.0 (32bit only) AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer 5.3.0 (32bit only) AppleIntelGMA950 6.2.6 (32bit only) If I install Lion over my present installation, will I have any problems? Are there any kexts I need to remove or update? Thanks.
  4. Turns it out it was my router. When I put my desktop in the DMZ, it works flawlessly now. Weird that on my macbook pro it works all the time regardless but with the desktop it needs to be placed in the DMZ to work or else the router blocks the connection somehow. Both are using the same router to connect to the internet, the macbook wirelessly and the desktop through ethernet. Prior to placing the desktop in the DMZ, no computer was in it.
  5. Hi there, I'm running 10.6.8 after updating from iAtkos s3 and Facetime will work for a short time after I boot (can receive and make calls without issue). However, a short time later it stops working. If I receive calls, nothing happens and if I make outgoing calls, the phone will ring but when I accept and it says "Connecting", Facetime (on snow) will continue calling forever without establishing a connection. Or it'll just say "Call failed" immediately. If I turn off and on Facetime, again it will work for a very short period before the same thing happens again. Anybody have this issue and what did you do to resolve it? I suspect it may have to do with the background processes that monitor Facetime calls because I see this error in Console: FTMessageDelivery failed! Error (NSURLErrorDomain:-1206): The server registration.ess.apple.com requires a client certificate. https://registration...a/wa/deregister imagent ApplePushService: Certificate doesn't match host imagent Couldn't retrieve identity FaceTime [Warning] Trying to update button images for unknown segment: -1 imagent [Warning] Missing email, but oh well
  6. Well first things first, boot in verbose mode and post a screenshot here. And to answer your question, no there are no backups made when you update. You should backup them up yourself prior to an update. In any case, almost every update issue is fixable whether or not you backed up. Post your verbose boot screenshot... that would help to see what the problem might be. Oh and delete "sleep enabler" in Extra/Extensions to see if that solves your problem. When using Macdrive to delete or replace kexts, boot with "Ignore caches" so that it loads up the kexts you've added and ignores deleted kexts.
  7. Turns out the problem was sleepenabler. Someone in another forum suggested it and it worked! Had to fix USB and Graphics but it boots fine now and works flawlessly again! I never would've figured that out myself. Nowhere in the KP does it even hint at sleepenabler being the problem...
  8. Didn't work. That solution fixes PCI configuration begin errors... Not the same error I'm getting.
  9. Here is a screenshot of the kernel panic I get. 10.6.7 worked flawlessly with me so wanted to take the plunge to 10.6.8 thinking it would be just as easy.... Guess I was wrong. Interesting thing is that on top it says 64 bit mode enabled but I specifically added the flags to boot in 32 bit mode (arch=i386). Could that be related somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Did that. Worked like a charm. Temps reported actually. Still can't detect fan but I can live with that!
  11. I've attached a screenshot Which plugin should I get and how do you install the plugins?
  12. Hey all! Have a compaq sr5350f with Intel Intel® 945GC Express Chipset running 10.6.7 snow leopard,motherboard is an ASUS IPILP-LC (HP/Compaq name: Lancaster8-GL6). Graphics working, sound working, ethernet working. Only problem is the cpu temps are not being reported correctly and fan not detected at all. It's fakesmc.kext that tells the OS this info, right? Or are there other kexts for this? Thanks.
  13. GMA 950 id 2772 on 10.6.7, no QE/CI

    Problem solved. Used vanilla gma kexts instead, updated framebuffer and efi string and it worked. No natit required.
  14. I've finally got everything running well in 10.6.7 except for graphics. Using some modified GMA950 kext (1.6.0) and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer (, I can change to all available resolutions but I have no QE/CI at all. No transparencies, no ripples, etc. When I first installed SL using iAtkos S3v2, I had QE/CI but no resolution options. I'm trying to take screenshots of windows that may be useful but even those just show up blank, I guess due to no QE/CI. I'm using a Compaq Presario SR5350F if that helps. No EFI strings in com.apple.boot.plist as I don't even know how to generate them. Any help would be appreciated. Any additional info needed, I will provide. Thanks a bunch!
  15. Sleep was working fine with 10.5.7 but after updating to 10.5.8 I can sleep but can't wake from it. In any case, my question is not how to fix it but how to disable sleep altogether since I never use it anyway. How can I prevent it from going to sleep completely? I'm not talking about moving the slider to "never" under Energy Saver but completely blocking the sleep function. I ask because sometimes when I am trying to select "Restart" I hit "Sleep" in error and it goes to sleep, forcing me to hard reset the PC. Thanks!