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  1. Apple's Battery Recall Goes Wrong

    freaking apple.....already with the ipod fiascal a couple years ago....now the maclaps.... ..this really burns me up (sorry had to say it)
  2. Ok, i've come to this.....

    Take the bus to the store and keep it under your bed after you buy it...unless you made the mistake of letting your parents 'hold' your money..... i agree with other post..if you got a grand you dont need a free mac...think about it...
  3. EB Games?

    eb is a tough place...thought they guarantee used stuff for a while....they dont take back open merch and dont give you much for used merch.... i once saw a lady in the store trying to return an opened game...the guy working wasnt going for it...but she persisted for nearly 10 minutes and he gave in and gave money back...so...you never know... nice selection if your buying though..
  4. What do you think about president Bush?

    Dont really like the guy...but.. and dont hate me...we voted him in twice!...He (and the media) use a great deal of fear tactics to justify their actions (phone tapping, invading other countries)...who knows how safe the internet is (wow im starting to sound paranoid...oh yeah i am...)
  5. Annoying designs

    pop ups bad yes ...but pop ups w/ nudity...yikes....theres kids in the room. that and shoot the duck/roach/celebrity/bin laden/ pop ups....oia!
  6. Introduce Yourself

    hello Im 39 professional living in Buffalo NY .I work for local nonprof with networking and main term upkeep... While not fixing things i dabble in photography (nature etc.). Only been using macs for a couple years now but am finding them very friendly....so thanks for all those you have the experience who take the time to teach newbies like myself ...b
  7. Best Photography Links

    http://www.sxc.hu/ its free stock photography....enjoy...b
  8. Call of Duty 2

    I agree with previous post..played cod2 on both...awesome!..havent tried online yet....windows can get stuttish with too many in one battle...guess ill check it on mac.. make sure its scanning the internet for servers and not local connections.....in search go to internet and then refresh list..