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  1. Hello everybody I built these hamster cages from a Studio Display and a Powermac G4 a while ago, but now I have no need for them. I hope they can find a new home! Many more details are available on the auction itself. Hamster Cages Cheers. P.S. Check out my other items for a great case for a Hackintosh, a Silverstone Fortress FT01. Thanks guys.
  2. I purchased the terminals last week from RS without any problems. Sorry you've had trouble. When it asked for company information I just put in my name. I should have terminals left after attempting my cable so I could always send you them (this won't be for a few weeks I'm waiting for parts). I didn't buy the connector because I'm reusing the original.
  3. 'Dremel it in half?' Yeah because that looks great. People already know how to bodge it with soldering. The demand for a professional solution is clear with all of dontthroworanges' cables being snapped up within a few hours. Thats what I'm trying to help with; if your not interested, keep your opinions to yourself.
  4. As many of you will know dontthroworanges kindly offered to make and sell some G5 front panel cables not so long ago. Having tried my hand at making my own, and seen how much work just one cable requires, its totally understandable that he has now decided to put the cables on hold until further notice. I respect his decision and we have no right to pester him for more cables. He may wish to protect his sources in case he decides to make more cables in the future which is also fair enough. However there is no reason why we should not, as a community, attempt to gather resources and information which might one day lead to a simple set of instructions that will allow your average modder, like me, to come up with a professional looking cable by themselves. So far I have removed the Apple 18-wire cable from the connector as shown below. Having purchased jumper wires, I removed their female ends from their header casings. These will then insert into the 18pin connector. Here we have my current progress: I think it's sensible to come up with a list of required items which we can add links and more information to as we come up with them. ------------------------------- Requirements The 18 pin connector a ) use the original that came with your G5 case b ) order one ************ UPDATE I have discovered the difference between the 18-pin connector and the standard headers that usually plug into our motherboards. The 18-pin connector is a 'Milli-grid' connector manufactured by Molex. It uses a smaller grid layout than standard headers. Information available here. Housing 2.00mm Milli-Grid,18w These are available to order from RS and they have a Worldwide website too. ****************** Terminals for the 18 pin connector are available from RS too - click here USB/Firewire/Power/LED/Audio connector housings (available from frontx.com) Terminals for the USB/Firewire/Power/LED/Audio connector housings (available from frontx.com) Suitable wire - I've ordered 10m of AWG 24 (0.2mm) fan wire. Crimping tool - I'm hoping needle nosed pliers will suffice - I'll update with how this goes. The correct pin out for the circuit board header, NOT the end of the 18pin Apple cable (if they are different). ------------------------------- I hope other people share my enthusiasm for this project. I'll continue researching and post anything I find. If anybody else fancies helping and posting, it'll be appreciated. If we combine our Googling skills we are sure to come up with the goods!
  5. splodgecat

    Budget G5 Hackintosh

    Awesome job - putting in my own ports on a bracket is exactly what I'm planning on doing IF i can't get the original front panel wired up properly.
  6. splodgecat

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Your idea is a good one with potential - I've just tried to do exactly what you've suggested. The problem is that the headers on motherboards are 1mm spaced - and the jumper wires that you can buy from all over the net (linked to earlier) are sized to fit them perfectly. HOWEVER the 18 pin connector on the G5 case - both the male (on the actual circuit board) and the female on the cable, are smaller than this, and 18 jumper wires won't fit together. You can connect a few of them, widely spaced, but you cant jam in all 18. This is why you need to look for either smaller wire headers, or rehouse 18 cables in the original 18 pin header and plug that in to the circuit board.
  7. splodgecat

    "StealthMac" G5 case mod

    Great mod. I've also cut vents in my media shelf beneath the powersupply. I'm gonna add a plastic baffle to funnel the air out the back of the case, not over my motherboard. Good luck
  8. splodgecat

    G5 mod : my project

    Looks good - I'm doing a G5 mod, just finished getting the motherboard tray in. Good luck!
  9. splodgecat

    My hackintosh in Power Mac G5 Enclosure

    Love the G5 cpu covers, nice touch!