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  1. Update:Camphor has been released for Snow Leopard -> Intel 3945 Wireless Driver for Snow Leopard [Hackintosh]
  2. I've a X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB IT works with an older VoodooHDA with 2.1, 5.1 configuration (via MIDI config) fine. But When I upgraded to VoodooHDA 0.2.2, sounds is just crackling through Creative. I could have stayed on older version but I need Crystallizer, Equalizer settings. There's no Front Panle for this device only Control Panel which is only on Windows. Ay hints? Can I somehow control Crystallizer? Seeking help since long!
  3. I guess those guys have no idea of what they are selling. It's not possible yet But pretty hopeful on Camphor port for SL. --- Taranfx
  4. works like a Charm, I'm using Chameleon RC3 The good old problem of Intel3945ABG persists.. Did anyone ever got any luck with Camphor ?
  5. I had Tried NVInject, DSDT patch,e everything but I was never able to enable QE/CI on the same graphics card on HP DV5200tx. Tried removing all injects and then changed the .plist file aswell, still nothing works. Now I`ve reisntalled Leopard, still changing Boot.plist alone doesnt work. Am I missing something ?
  6. I installed SnowOSX v3.5 on my laptop with: core duo 1.73 Nvidia 7400 GO (256MB) I`ve created the entry via EFI Studio for "Nvidia 7600 GT" since that was the closest one. But I think the KEXT itself is missing. Can anyone point out what should be done?