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  1. I have an Asus G75VW-NS71, Core i7 3610QM 12GB DDR3 and a GTX 670M w/ 3GB DDR3. I've successfuly installed 10.8.2 retail using the ###### installer from a clean retail ML purchased in the App Store. Unfortunately, even after updating to BIOS v222, I do NOT have the option to mess with my EFI at all. I cannot disable secure boot, therefore I am stuck using the USB drive to boot my OSX install. I'm actually fine with that. I'm however, not OK with the graphics =/. My first install, it actually showed up with 3GB DDR3 and said the model number in System Profiler, but that install got corrupted somehow and wouldn't boot. I'm on a clean install now, the only things I have done are: -- ###### - ##### Installation - 10.8.x OpenCL Patch and >2GB OpenCL Patch - PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse - GraphicsEnabler = No - 1080p Display Getting no love for loading the kernel extension. Definitely no hardware acceleration. If I open a new tab in Safari (by default) it goes to Top Sites and locks the browser and my machine up. Any flash content is unplayable and usually locks the browser. Going to try the Sleep Enabler and Battery kext. I know VoodooHDA works for the VIA card in this machine. If anyone has any recommendations for enabling hardware acceleration / modifying whatever .kext, please let me know, I'll be the guinea pig and have time to spare.