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  1. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    don't have an apple tv, but i would definately get one if i could set it up as micro mac. Don't know if this will help, but my guess is the USB is for diagnostic/repair like apple says. the trick is geting it into service mode. maybe someone with an ATV could try holding different button combos on the ir remote at boot to trigger it. sorta like reset on an ipod, or booting the ipod to firmware/stat mode. The ir remote is the only input this sucker has, apple's not going to tear it down just to fix something. Watch your local Genius Bar closely for ATV problems and fixes. if so, you will probably need a special usb cable, and then you can target disk the HD on the ATV. Another thought: Anyone tried installing webmin? that would open up a lot of system cababilities/file transfer. it would open up process vieweing and termination. just another thought. Man, i want to get one of these things now, just to fool with it.
  2. Fullsize PC Mobo In G4 Quicksilver

    Yeah, the specs suck, but i got it free from my girlfriend. Not like i'd just buy a PC. Well, i am really thinking about biulding an intel mac. When i get the time and monies, maybe i'll build a wicked fast Intel mac in that case. it's all setup. yeah.
  3. New here, but not to Mac OS. Here's my AMD athlon 1.4 / 512/ 128 ATI 9500 / 80 + 40 / DVR- 104 (stock apple superdrive) in a G4 Quicksilver case. Basically, flipping the front bezel and moving the PS made room for CPU/Ram and allowed the board to be mounted to the door. Case cracks Mac style, but the PS cable had to be extended using an old G4 PS cable. Tight clearance required the big cpu fan/ al. funnel that's force fed from lower fan. (G4 location, mounted backwards) The deadspace between the nice plastic and metal casing is basically pressurized, (not enough free airflow for cpu fan) I rigged the PC clicky power switch to the G4 button mechanical style and added usb/sound out in the zip bay, with a magnetic door. Oh yeah, clipped white apple LED and re-soldered to the pc power led. It jus sorta hangs out in the right place. This project required some major Dremel work and lots of Edison-type engineering. Works great. Well, as great as PC's work. Power supply is weak for all the fans, and the superdrive sucks power. Thought i'd let you all take a look at my work. it's been running good for about 4 months now. And don't dis it's pathetic specs. it was once an awesome gaming rig built by a guy named Vinny. Now it plays DVD's, iTunes, and still does a bit of gaming on the weekends.