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  1. Here is an alternate download link for the G31M-GS R2.0 BIOS in the 10.6.2 HCL
  2. thanks Giorgio, deleting DSDT.aml fixed it. i'm not sure i understand what was the problem with it though. but you saved me
  3. hello all, first thanks for this great walkthrough. it works just fine. but i have a little problem at shutdown (not at restart) the system freezes after "CPU halted", i hear the hdd slowing down then nothing. just sometime a line about airport or realtek, but not every time. i tried a few tweaks, like trying another DSDT, replacing OpenHaltRestart with EvOreboot, adding NullCPUPowerManager, updating FakeSMC and RealtekR1000, changing various BIOS settings... without luck. and now i don't really know what i could try. i updated to Chameleon RC4 and PC EFI 10.6 because i needed to use a picky HD4350, maybe the problem is here. by the way what is the difference between the original PC EFI 10.5 and the version of it in the post install package nammed PCEFI 10.5 Installer G31M.pkg" sorry for the inconvenience ASRock G31-M GS - Pentium E6300 - ATI HD4350 - Airport BCM4318 - OSX 10.6.2
  4. almost nothing. just fixed a few warnings at compilation, but nothing significant. that was useless, it runs just fine with the lastest bios from asus (0802).
  5. ok, i’m here. here is the kext i used to run 10.5.8 on a P5E64 WS Evolution: - AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext for Intel ICH9R southbridge (you may need something similar for Snow Leopard) - SKGE.kext for Marvell 88E8001 - AppleYukon3.kext for Marvel 88E8056 - HDAEnabler.kext by Kabyl + AD1988b.HDA.FIX.kext for ADI 1988B i also corrected a few error in the DSDT, but nothing big. and that’s all. i did not installed Snow Leopard yet, but i don’t think it must harder than that. if you have more question please contact me.
  6. Hi, I'm using this board in dual boot with Leopard 10.5.8 and Windows Server 2008, and everything works fine. (however i did not had time to get the 'sleep' function to work) I used iAtkos v7 and updated easily with Software Update, but a retail install of Snow Leopard should not be a problem. I don't really remember which kext i installed, (i don't have my computer with me at the moment) but in a few days i will be able to tell you more. It's really a good mb, and i'm happy with it! See you.