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  1. Problems with Compaq 610 + iDeneb 10.5.6

    Hi All, Here some help with the compaq 610 This model is very nice to put OS X 10.5.8 on, because the motherboard is identical to a mac mini!, what means it got the same chip-set (intel GMA965), SATA/IDE controller (ICH8-M), Video card (x3100 or GeForce) and usb/card bus, only compaq did not use the IEEE1394 port on motherboard. What means that you can use a lot of Apple stock drivers, only you need to hack some, but that part is already done so here is the walk through. First step: go to the bios (press F10 at startup) and change the settings of your sata device to SATA native. Also turn on detection preventions and Intel speed-step. If you have old BIOS you can't change your video ram allocation, upgrade your BIOS to the latest version (after installing os x bios upgrade is quite difficult). Then change video memory to 144mb. Next step: If you want dual boot (only with windows XP, Vista or 7) first install windows, because windows need to be on the first partition, the second partition need to formatted in windows and also make this partition active. For later you can already download from the web mac os x 10.5.8 updater from the apple site (don't use the combo updater). Put this update on USB disk/stick, also download driver pack for compaq 610 and put this also on USB disk/stick Step 3: Then boot from iATKOS v7 CD and run disk utility and format the empty partition to HFS+, then install mac os x with the following options: Boot: Chameleon boot loader V2 CPU: none (Vanilla will be installed) System: Intel SATA (AHCI), Voodoo speed-step, Voodoo PS2 with touchpad, OHI (Voodoo power saving), USB, Card bus Drivers-video: none (this video card is native apple) Drivers-LAN (Wired): None (this LAN driver is native apple) Drivers-WLAN:none (the BCM4312 is native Apple, intel 3945ABG are not on the CD) Driver-audio: Voodoo Audio (but the box will already be ticked) Step 4: After installing reboot your "mac" without the CD and use -v at startup. Your "mac" will now start os x for the first time, the following hardware will not yet work: -LAN, WLAN, Graphic Card, no worry this comes later. First put in your USBstick/disk and run the Mac OS 10.5.8 updater and after reboot use -v option (2x). Step 5: Installing the driver pack, the motherboard is the same but the ID's are different, so for some files is needed to change. First the network card (Marvel): Go to /System/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext (show package contents) then Contents/Plugins and remove AppleYukon2.kext. Also remove the (if there's any) AppleYukon2.kext in the /System/Extensions folder Then install normally yukon kext with OSx86Tools,Kext Helper or manually into the Extensions folder. Before booting,in Darwin bootloader press F8 and enter -v Step 6: Installing the video card Go to /System/Extensions/ and remove all x3100*.kext. Go to /System/frameworks/OpenGL.framework/ and replace the versions folder from installation pack. Go to /Usr/libexec/oah/Shims/ and replace GLEngine.bundle from installation pack. Then install normally x3100 kext with OSx86Tools,Kext Helper or manually into the Extensions folder. Before booting,in Darwin bootloader press F8 and enter -v, then run disk utilities to repair the permissions. Step 7: WIFI/WLAN FOR INTEL 3945ABG, use Voodoo Wireless, just click the installer FOR BCM4312, use software update to get the latest airport update to make it active in system presences/network. Step 8 (optional): Put in your windows 7 or Vista disk, and boot from it. When installation starts, it prompts for “Recovery”. Select the recovery option. On you will be prompted to choose tools available for recovery. Select “command-line”. DISKPART> list disk // displays the available HDD DISKPART> select disk n // select the disk which has windows installation DISKPART> list partition // list partitions on the selected disk DISKPART> select partition n // select the partition number where windows was previously installed. DISKPART> active //sets partition active DISKPART> exit REBOOT. Boot into windows normally and download EasyBCD from google. Open it, click “Add/Remove entries” navigate to “Mac”. Select Type in the dropdown to “Generic x86 Pc” and give some name in the text box below. This name will appear in your boot screen. Click “SAVE” when done and REBOOT. The files: LAN: Here WLAN: Here VIDEO: Here Good luck to all with you Apple Machintosh 610